Cote Genealogy Download

Cote Genealogy Download

5,906 lineage-linked individuals in the Cote family. This product will provide you with a GEDCOM file that can be used on any family tree software or website.

1607 Settlement Grant Revoked

The group fared well that 1606-07 winter. But when the weather warmed up and ships began making the trek across the ocean, news came that de Monts grant was revoked. Though the official reason for canceling the monopoly was that they he hadn’t fulfilled the...

Participants in First CD project

¬† Files contained on the “In Search of Our Acadian Roots” CD-ROM, have been placed in various directories, as follows: 1. GEDCOMS All gedcoms submitted have been re-named using the submitter first initial, followed by a dash (-), followed by the first six...