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Home of Acadian-Cajun & French-Canadian Family Surnames, Genealogy CDS, Family Crests and Historical Information resources, since 1991. Linking the future to the past........... one name at a time!

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Acadian-Cajun Culture on Video

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Le Pays de la Sagouine in Bouctouche - New Brunswick
Les différents accents de la Péninsule acadienne
L'Esprit de Grand-Pré
Grand-Pré, Nova Scotia (Uncovering Acadian Artifacts)
Grand-Pré - Pride and Perseverance/Fierté et persévérance
Hômmage à l'Acadie
Louisiana Cajun Swamp
Mamou Mardi Gras
Marie-Jo Thério - Évangéline
My Home Cheticamp, Nova Scotia
New Orleans Cajun Gumbo - Justin Wilson
Nova Scotia - Acadian Village
Nova Scotia - Acadian Village #2
Our Trip Back to Acadie Part 1
Our Trip Back to Acadie Part 2
Que signifie être Acadien ?
Réveil-Jusqu'à la fin
Reveille Zachary Richard et 1755
Sardine Sandwich
She Makes and Eats Homemade Boudin
The Acadian Experience - New Brunswick, Canada
Tide of Tears: The Collapse of the Cajun Coast
Traditional Acadian Cookery - Pheasant Rappie Pie
Un p'tit coup! La Famille Arseneault
Une bonne bouteille de vin
Une Journéee au Village Acadien de Caraquet, New Brunswick
Viola Leger in "La Sagouine"
Woodworking in Louisiana
Yarmouth, Nova Scotia and Acadian Shores Festivals and Attractions



Yarmouth and Acadian Shores Scenery, Nova Scotia


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