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(From "The Acadian Miracle" by Dudley J. LeBlanc)




Don Santiago COURTABLEAU, Captain, 48 Creole Antoine PATIN, 33



Francois MERCANTEL, 38 Italian Joseph CRETIEN, 40 Canadian
Jean ZERINGUE, 36 Creole Andre DAVID, 21 French
Francois MANE, 48 SWISS Andres de BRANDE, 50 French
Joseph LAURENT, 49 Creole Andre BARRE, 25 Creole
Antoine PILET, 49 Creole Pierre FONTENOT, 37 Creole
Antoine LANGLOIS, 19 Acadian Claude GUILLORI, 17 Creole
Joseph CHEVALIER, 24 Creole Gregoire GUILLORI, 58 Creole
Carlos COMEAU, 30 Acadian Jean GUILLORI, 16 Creole
Noel SOILEAU, 25 Creole Joseph VIGRA, 40 Canadian
Francois BABIN, 35 Acadian Joseph GUILLORI, 16 Creole
Louis GUILLORI, 15 Creole Santiago LAFLEUR, 30 Creole
Charles JEANSONNE, 23 Acadian Nicolas LAFONTE, 40 French
Pierre JOBERT, 36 French Philipe LANGLOIS, 36 Acadian
Bartholome LEBLEU, 46 Creole Joseph LA MIRANDE, 18 Creole
Luis de ROSIER, 30 French Andres MONDON, 34 French
Jean DOUCET, 17 Acadian Pierre MALLET, 26 Creole
Pierre DOUCET, 23 Creole (torn) MULLE, 22 Creole
Philipe DU PLECHIN, 42 Creole Lucas OLIER, 35 French
Charles LEBEAU, 36 French Joseph PENEL, 44 French
Jean LAFLEUR, 28 Creole Francois PITRE, 23 Acadian
Joseph LAFLEUR, 46 Creole Pierre RICHARD, 40 Acadian
(torn) dre BARRE, 25 Creole Louis RICHARD, 31 Acadian
Antoine BELLEROSE, 21 French Victor RICHARD, 22 Acadian
Donto BELLO, 37 Italian N. RIVAR, 45 Canadian
Amable BERTRAND, 31 Acadian Augustin SOILEAU, 18 Creole
Antoine BOISDORE, 33 Creole Jean SAUCIER, 28 Creole
Michel BRIGNAX, 27 Creole Jean SOILEAU, 20 Creole
(torn) BULLI(?), 29 English Sylvan SONNIER, 32 Acadian
Francis CABE, 25 Creole Olivier SONNIER, 19 Acadian
Joseph CARREAU, 32 Canadian Jean TISSON, 40 French
(torn) CHARANTE, 30 Creole Jean TIGRE, 48 French
Michel COMEAU, 35 Acadian Pierre THIBODEAU, 45 Acadian
Michel CORMIER, 26 Acadian Francois VEILLANT ------
Joseph CORMIER, 30 Acadian

NOTE: In obtaining the nationality of the militiamen, either the different captains or the copyist of these documents have made a few errors. The following names appear in the militia as having been born
in Acadia: Roger, Gilson, Durio, Damour, Corsseau, Molay, and Rocq. These names do not appear in any of the documents, census, etc. of Acadia prior to the exile.

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"For each parish, an officer of the army or militia, was named as civil and military commandant. He was in charge of the police of the parish and preserved the peace. It was his duty to examine the passports of all strangers, and to suffer no one to settle within his territorial jurisdiction without a permit from the governor. He tried civil cases when the object in dispute did not exceed $20.00. In more important cases, he received and then sent all pleadings and the evidence, to the governor. He was ex-officio, a notary public, took inventories and passed sales, and executed judgements rendered in New Orleans against persons living in the country parishes." From "The Story of Ascension Parish, Louisiana," by Sidney A. Marchand.


(Now New Roads and False River)


Jean Frances ALLAIN, Sr. Captain
Jean Frances ALLAIN, Jr. Lieutenant
George BARON, Second Lieutenant
Antoine BOURDELON, Sergeant



39 Aubain ALLET 19 Joseph MAYEUX
24 Etienne BEISSERON 23 Jean MILAM
25 Pierre BERGERON 20 Pierre MORIN
16 Francois CROISET 26 Henry PEROUS
23 Francois DECUIR 22 Pierre PORCHE
26 Jean DENIS 24 Jean Baptiste BAQUET
14 Charles DUFOUR 16 Joseph BERGERON
16 Jean Pierre FERRET 18 Jean BOISSERON
17 Pierre GUEHAUD 16 Francois DAVID
16 Guillaume HUBARDEAU 18 Joseph DECUIR
15 Joseph JOFFRION 30 Louis DESERT
30 Baptiste LACOUR 15 Pierre DUVAL
35 Francois SANSON 32 Augustin GAMACHE
28 Nicolas LACOUR 30 Au Fort GUERIN
29 Louis LAMATHE 30 Louis HUET
17 Jean Pierre LEDOUX 23 Baptiste LABBE
25 Baptiste LETROS 20 Frederic RICHE'
18 Baptiste LAFLEUR 19 Noel ROY
25 Charles LARCHE 26 Martin SOUDRIC
30 Francois LEGER 20 Auguste LANGLOIS
15 Francois LEGROS 27 Prise LAVIQUEUR
30 Louis MASSE 14 Simon LEGER
40 Louis MENARD 20 Charles LEJEUNE
23 Martin MOREAUX 14 Baptiste MAYEAUX
25 Augustin PORCHE 24 Christophe MORIN
15 Baptiste PREVOT 24 Joseph PATIN
20 Vincent BARAS 15 Jean Baptiste PORCHE
18 Louis BERGERON 15 Francois PREVOT
30 Pierre CARMOUCHE 16 Joseph PREVOT
18 Louis DAVID 32 Joseph RABALLET
25 Claude DELATTE 30 Jean TOUSSAIN
16 Pierre DUCOTE 25 Joseph ROY
18 Francois EMONT (AYMOND) 30 Jean SURRIRET
30 Francois GREMILLION 25 Joseph VIEN
22 Joseph HEBERT 32 Guillaume RECURON
25 Joseph JENNIS 16 Antoine TOUPART
21 Jean LABBE 27 Philippe VIEN





Louis JUDICE, Captian
Nicolas VERRET son, Lieutenant
Louis JUDICE son, Second Lieutenant


Joseph AURILLON, 21 Acadian Athanaze BRAUD, 35 Acadian
Amant BABIN, 25 Acadian Jean LANDRY, 16 Acadian
Joseph BABIN, 18 Acadian Jacques LANDRY, 26 Acadian
Charles BABIN, 28 Acadian Jean LANDRY, 18 Acadian
Efrene BABIN, 24 Acadian Joseph LANDRY, 18 Acadian
Jacques BABIN, 22 Acadian Joseph LANDRY, 18 Acadian
Joseph BABIN, 15 Acadian Joseph LANDRY, 17 Acadian
Joseph BABIN, 24 Acadian Marcin LANDRY, 20 Acadian
Augustin BERTAUD, 20 French Mathurin LANDRY, 16 Acadian
Joseph BOURG, 34 Acadian Olivier LANDRY, 17 Acadian
Armant BRAUD, 16 Acadian Pierre LANDRY, 37 Acadian
Joseph LANOUE, 23 Acadian Joseph LEBLANC, 19 Acadian
Pierre LANOUE, 23 Acadian Paul LEBLANC, 26 Acadian
Augustin BROUSSARD, 20 Acadian Silvain LEBLANC, 28 Acadian
Charles BRAUD, 17 Acadian Simon LEBLANC, 24 Acadian
Frimain BROUSSARD, 17 Acadian Louis LECONTE, 23 Acadian
Frimain BRAUD, 20 Acadian Joseph LANOUE, 27 Acadian
Jean BRAUD, 18 Acadian Joseph MELANCON, 19 Acadian
Joseph BRAUD, 24 Acadian Olivier MELANCON, 19 Acadian
Augustin BUJEAU, 16 Acadian Saul MELANCON, 40 Acadian
Christian CHARLESNITH, 42 Joseph MIRE, 27 Acadian
Unknown Marc MOLAY, 28 Acadian
Paul CHIASSON, 24 Acadian Bazille PREJEAN, 24 Acadian
Charles DUHON, 35 Acadian Charles PREJEAN, 33 Acadian
Claude DUHON, 32 Acadian Joseph PREJEAN, 34 Acadian
Francois DUHON, 21 Acadian Marein PREJEAN, 19 Acadian
Jean DUHON, 23 Acadian Saturin PRIMEAU, 28 Acadian
Athanaze DUGAS, 18 Acadian Maurice ROCQ, 40 Acadian
Charles DUGAS, 19 Acadian Joseph ROGER, 23 Acadian
Francois DUGAS, 18 Acadian Jean Bap. Granger, 14 Acadian
Joseph DUPUY, 18 Acadian Joseph GRANGER, 24 Acadian
Ansel FOREST, 17 Acadian Baptiste LANDRY, 15 Acadian
Jean GAGNARD, 25 European Bazil LANDRY, 19 Acadian
Charles GAUDET, 36 Acadian Charles LANDRY, 34 Acadian
Barthelenmy GAUDIN, 33 Acadian Etienne LANDRY, 35 Acadian
Amant GAUTEROT, 37 Acadian Joseph SONNIER, 23 Acadian
Barthelemy GILSON, 38 Acadian Jean SOSSIER, 23 Acadian
Simon LANDRY, 25 Acadian Thomas TERIAU, 25 Acadian
Etienne LEBLANC, 17 Acadian Paul TERRIAU, 18 Acadian
Desire LEBLANC (son), 16 Acadian Baptiste VERRET, 23 N.O. La.
Gerome LEBLANC, 20 Acadian Francois VERRET, 25 N.O. La.
Isaac LEBLANC, 23 Acadian Michel VERRET, 32 N.O. La.


I am grateful to Joe Crochet who provided the above-noted information for the... "In Search of Our Acadian Roots" CD-ROM ©1994 (now available in Windows Version).
* with corrections by Yvon Cyr


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