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1809 ACADIAN CENSUS of Margaree in Cape Breton

(by Father Lejamtel, Missionary; Dated August 1809)

Joseph CORMIER and Osithe LEBLANC, his wife; Laurent, Henriette, Pélagie, Charlotte, Marguerite, Théotiste, Joseph, Pierre.

Joseph CHIASSON and Marguerite LEBLANC, his wife; Henriette, Luc, Isabelle, Dominique, Jean-Baptiste, Jean, Placide.

Isidore CHIASSON and Marie Madeleine LEBLANC, his wife; Marie-Modeste, Armand, Simon, Isidore, Isabelle, Charles, Marguerite.

Prosper LEBLANC and Marguerite POIRIER, his wife.

Pierre CORMIER and Félicité LEBLANC, his wife; Firmin, Edesse, Marie.

Joseph LEBLANC and Martine ARSENAUX, his wife.

Paul LEBLANC and Marguerite HACHÉ, his wife.

Bénoni LEBLANC and Joseph BOURG, his wife; Euphrasine, widow of Lazare Doucet, Marie Jardin (domestic).

Jacques LEBLANC and Angéline LEBLANC, his wife; Catherine.

Marguerite LEBLANC, widow of Joseph LEBLANC; Rufine, Anastasie, Marie, Suzanne (married), Joseph.

Hilaire LEBLANC and Scolastique LEBLANC, his wife; Étienne, Célestin, Simon, Maturin, Paul, Charlotte.

Charles HACHÉ and Félicité GAUTREAU, his wife; Marthe, Maturin, Jacques, Simon, Euphrozine, Charles, Marie, Joseph, Pierre.

Honoré MUCHEL, widower of...

Felix HACHÉ and Luce LEBLANC, his wife; Gilbert.

Françoise HACHÉ, widow of Jean BLANCHARD; Charles, Judith, Jean.

Paul DOUCET, widower of Félicité MICHEL; Anne-Marguerite.

Paul DOUCET and Tarsilde LEBLANC, his wife; Martin, Simon, Marie.

Marie DOUCET, widow of Martin LARADE; Marie, Madeleine, Félicité, Henriette, Pierre, Simon, Lazare, Barbe, Osithe, Joseph.

Pierre ARSENAUX and Marie LEBLANC, his wife; Luc, Barbe, Simon, Madeleine, Thaddée, Anne, Mélanie, Angélique, Suzanne.

Jean-Baptiste LEBLANC and Marguerite BOURG, his wife; Honoré, Jean, Angélique.

Paul DAIGLE and Osithe ARSENAUX, his wife, widow of Simon LEBLANC; Bibiane LEBLANC, Ursule DAIGLE (mentally defective), Nicolas DAIGLE.

François LEBLANC and Osothe LEBLANC, his wife; Marie.

Marguerite DAIGLE, widow of Jean-Baptiste CHAVARY; Prosper, Jean, Ester, Isidore, Firmin, Simon.

Ange MUCE and Ursule CHAVARY, his wife; Pierre, Charles.

Madeleine BOURG, widow of Barthélémy MUCE; Marie, Françoise, Pierre, Sifroy, Rosalie.

Isabelle BOUDROT, widow of Guillaume CORMIER; Urbain, Guillaume, Isidore, Jean, Anne-Marie, Marie-Modeste.

Marin LEBLANC and Marie CORMIER, his wife; Marie, Céléste, Luce.

Germain LEBLANC and Madeleine CORMIER, his wife.

Lazare LEBLANC and Théotiste CORMIER, his wife; Polycarpe, Dominique, Henriette.

Jean CHIASSON and Anastasie CORMIER, his wife; David, Germain, Basile.

Bénoni LEBLANC and Marguerite CORMIER, his wife; Sophie, François, Julien, Suzanne, Placide.

Basile CORMIER and Marguerite ARSENAUX, his wife.

Georges LEBLANC and Marie DOUCET, his wife; Madeleine, Hélène, Georges, Lazare.

Simon LEBLANC and Scolastique DOUCET, his wife; Charles.

Charles LEBLANC and Apolline CORMIER, his wife; Germain, Charles.

Bertrand DERASPE and Marie LEBLANC, his wife; Françoise, Bertrand.

Jacques MOORE and Flore MCNEILL, his wife; Catherine.
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Joseph RYAN and Elizabeth DARABIE, his wife; Basile, Joseph, Brigitte, Marie, Jean, Catherine, Thomas, Louise.
I am grateful to Joe Crochet who provided the above-noted information for the... "In Search of Our Acadian Roots" CD-ROM ©1994 (now available in Windows Version).
A) Source for Margaree Census: Archives of Archbishop of Québec, Nova Scotia, VII-22

B) Secondary source: Chéticamp by Father Anselme Chiasson - ISBN 1-895415-29-2.
He has also written the History of the Acadians at Cape Breton and the Magdalen Islands.
* with corrections by Yvon Cyr


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