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 Germain Doucet and Name Unknown

According to Stephen White (Acadian researcher historian/genealogist at the Université de Moncton), who has been researching for 30 years, there is no birthyear that we can attribute to Germain Doucet who was also known as Sieur de LeVerdure (refer to Dictionnaire Généalogique des Familles Acadiennes published in 1999 at Centre d'Études Acadiennes).

Some references cite that he was married to Marie Bourgeois, the d/o Nicolas Grandjehan and Marie Bourgeois. Some also cite that he was married to a Trahan woman.

According to the Dictionnaire Généalogique des Familles Acadiennes, the wife and/or wives of Germain Doucet have never been known. Many earlier writers (like Bona Arsenault, author of Histoire et Généalogie des Acadiens and Père Adrien Bergeron, author of Le Grand Arrangement des Acadiens au Québec) had stated the wife to be a Marie Bourgeois, given the documented fact that Germain Doucet and Jacques (Jacob) Bourgeois were brothers-in-law.

According to Paul- Pierre Bourgeois, author of A la recherche des Bourgeois d'Acadie (1641 B 1800), a fellow friend who resides in Grande Digue, NB, Jacques was the son of Marie Bourgeois. In this case, she was married to Nicolas Grandjehan.

René Perron of Sèvres, France, wrote an article for La Société Historique Acadienne. It was printed in their Les Cahiers publication (October to December 1991 issue) and was entitled "De Germain Doucet à Jacques Bourgeois". This translates as From Germain Doucet to Jacques Bourgeois. I have a copy of this publication as well as the very next one in which Mr. Perron continues with another article re Germain and Jacques.

Paul-Pierre Bourgeois states that Mr. Perron found something, while researching in France, that disturbed him. "It is the registration for the baptism of a certain Jacobus, dated January 8th, 1621. He is said the son of deceased Nicolas Grandjehan (Big John) and a Bourgeois woman whose name is left blank. She is the said widow of Grandjehan. This family is well known in the town*. The woman's name is Marguerite. She has baptized five other children, the last one in January 1620, where her name always figured. The Grandjehan-Bourgeois family has various alliances with the Order of Malta, the medical society, and even the court of France." (taken from A la recherche des Bourgeois d'Acadie (1641 B 1800) page 14).

* meaning La Ferté-Gaucher

** The church in particular was known as Saint Romain

"A look at the ways of those times suggest that not only was this little Jacques born an orphan; he was also illegitimate. This is not well perceived by church or family. But once the "sin" had been recognized, the mother could raise the child under her maiden name. In this case, Bourgeois." (taken from A la recherche des Bourgeois d'Acadie (1641 B 1800) page 14).

"The registers for later dates do not reveal any mention of this Jacques after 1621. Finally, Mr. Perron cannot in all honesty escape the following conclusion: this baby Jacques (Grandjehan)-Bourgeois, baptized in the church of Saint Romain in La Ferté-Gaucher on January 8th, 1621 is probably the same person for whom we are searching a document of birth. He would have been raised under his mother's family name. His natural father remains unknown. His education was received at the Commandery of Coutran from where he left to serve in Acadie in 1641. He was twenty years of age when he was thus recruited by Germain Doucet or d'Aulnay himself to become surgeon for the governor, his troops, and the new colony." (taken from A la recherche des Bourgeois d'Acadie (1641 B 1800) pages 14 and 15).

" ... Until such time when a better answer to our question is found, we shall hold to Mr. Perron's findings as the probable facts and will present them as such in the development of our study." (taken from A la recherche des Bourgeois d'Acadie (1641 B 1800) page 15).

NOTES of STEPHEN A WHITE (taken directly from the Dictionnaire Généalogique des Familles Acadiennes)

[i]. It is not possible that the mother of the children of Germain Doucet is a sister of Jacques Bourgeois' wife, as certain authors have proposed, being given that the in-laws of Jacques Bourgeois didn't get married until 1627. There exists the possibility that Germain Doucet nevertheless married, in second nuptials, to a daughter of Guillaume Trahan who gave him no surviving children; but it is as possible that such a second wife is the sister of Jacques Bourgeois and not the sister of his wife. (See SGCF Vol VI, p 372.)
The children born to Germain Doucet were as follows:

a. Pierre born circa 1621 (census PORT-ROYAL 1671 age 50, 1686 age 55 (sic), 1693 age 56 (sic) [wid], 1698 age 80 (sic), 1700 age 63 (sic), 1701 age 90 (sic)); married circa 1660 Henriette Pelletret (Simon and Perrine Bourg); deceased/buried Rg PORT-ROYAL 1/ 2 June 1713 "nearly a hundred years old" (sic).

b. Marguerite born circa 1625 (census PORT-ROYAL 1671 age 46, 1686 age 50 (sic), 1693 age 66, 1700 age --); married circa 1647 Abraham Dugas; deceased/buried Rg PORT-ROYAL 19/ 20 Dec 1707 age --, buried in the cemetery at the head of the St-Laurent chapel river.

c. daughter (according to Stephen A White) married (Decl BIM) PORT-ROYAL circa 1650 Pierre LeJeune dit Briard.

d. Germain born circa 1641 (census PORT-ROYAL 1671 age 30, 1686 age 45, 1693 age 50); married (Decl BIM) PORT-ROYAL circa 1664 Marie Landry (René and Perrine Bourg); died (Decl BIM) PORT-ROYAL census, before 1698.

2nd marriage before 1654, wife not identified (possibly the daughter of Guillaume Trahan or the sister of Jacques Bourgeois). No children traced.

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The above-noted information was provided by Michelle Doucette [email protected] in a message she posted on the Doucet/Doucette Rootsweb Mailing Lists, on May 24, 2003.

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Germain Doucet dit Sieur de la Verdune (1596 - date of death unknown) was a native of Coupérans-en-Brie, near Paris, France. The name of his wife is unknown; it has been said that he was the brother-in-law of Jacques Bourgeois. His son, Pierre, was born in 1621 and his daughter, Marguerite Louise, in 1625, both in France. Presumably they came to Acadia with their father about 1632 when he entered the service of Charles d'Aulnay.

In 1640 he was a master-in-arms at Pentagouet (Castine, Maine) where he commanded the French fort with the rank of major. Germain enjoyed an especially close relationship with d'Aulnay who, in his will of January 20, 1649, instructed his wife to take care of Germain and his wife. He referred to him as "Germain Doucet dict La Verdure, de la paroise de Couperns en Brie." In a cocidil of February 20, 1649, d'Aulnay referred to one who should be continued in his job because of the fidelity and affection that he has always shown. Historian Emile Lauvrière [La Tragédie d'un Peuple, vol. 1, page 496] believes that this is a reference to Pierre Melanson, also known as Sieur de La Verdure, who was chef de la milice in the colony. After d'Aulney's drowned in 1650, Pierre Melanson became the tutor of d'Aulnay's children, while Germain Doucet became commandant of the fort at Port Royal. He held this position when Sedgwick attacked the fort in 1654 and captured Port Royal on August 15. Germain returned to France with the military garrison, as required under the terms of capitulation. However, his son Pierre and daughter Marguerite remained in Acadia.


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I am very grateful to my uncle Roch Cyr, for having provided me a copy of this source document, originating from his friend Leo G. Cyr.

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