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  Files contained on the "In Search of Our Acadian Roots" CD-ROM, have been placed in various directories, as follows:



All gedcoms submitted have been re-named using the submitters first initial, followed by a dash (-), followed by the first six letters of the submitters surname, followed by the extension .GED. For example, my own gedcom is named Y-CYR.GED. Except for the name, no other change whatsoever was made to the data contained in the gedcom submitted and all have been placed in the directory named..."GEDCOMS". Following is a summary of all gedcoms included on this CD, together with the submitters name and address, as well as total number of names in their respective gedcom(s):


List of participants on the CD-ROM; Gedcom name, followed by participant name and address:


Special note to participants:

Please keep me informed of any/all change of address etc., so I can make the necessary changes below...let's keep in touch!


Click here for details on the "Acadian-Cajun Family Genealogy" CD-ROM, now available


B-ACHEE.GED; Benjamin E. Achee, 1414 Fox Street, Bossier City, LA 71112 (318) 746-3688 BBS: F-Genealogy (5435 names)


S-ANDREW.GED; Susan Andrews, 6 Beacon Street, Taunton, MA 02780-4905 (508) 824-7984 Internet: [email protected] (415 names)


H-ARNOLD.GED; Henry Arnold, 2023 Ripley Avenue, Redondo Beach, CA, 90278-5046 (310) 379-3322 Internet: [email protected] (685 names)


J-BARRUS.GED; Joe Barrus, 303 Market St., #320, San Diego, CA 92101
[email protected] (9769 names)


D-BEAU01.GED to D-BEAU21.GED; Contact me for details.


P-BERLO.GED; Peter Gallant Berlo died in September 1996. He was the former owner/President of the Society of Acadian Descendants, P.O. Box 408, White Horse Beach, MA 02381-0408 (508) 224-7449 Internet: [email protected] BBS: F-Genealogy (2673 names)


J-BERNAR.GED; Jeffrey Mitchell Bernard, 113 Hubbard Street, Concord, MA 01742-2414 (508) 287-4214 Internet: [email protected] (881 names)


C-BERRY.GED; Connie M. Berry, 1430 138th Street, S.E., Mill Creek, WA 98012 (206) 337-8470 Internet: [email protected] (3419 names)


D-BISHOP.GED; Duane Bishop, 15 Ethel Street, P.O. Box 238, Hornsby, NSW, 2077 Australia (61) (02) 476-1212 Internet: [email protected] (3923 names)


P-BLANCH.GED; Paul Blanchard, 5175 Greenbridge Road, Dayton, MD 21036 (410) 531-2261 Internet: [email protected] (886 names)


Y-BLAQUI.GED; Yvon Blaquiere, 97 Bourget, Vaudreuil, Quebec J7V 6T4 (514) 831-8212 BBS: QN-Genealogi (2270 names)


M-BODEMU.GED; Mary Frances Bodemuller, Rt. 4, Box 107, Lewisburg, WV 24901 (304) 645-7502 Internet: [email protected] (271 names)


C-BOMERS.GED; Cynthia Bomersheim, 4132 178 PL. S.W., Lynnwood, WA 98037-7421 (206) 775-7983 or 745-0573 Internet: [email protected] (1464 names)


A-BOSSE'.GED; Annette Broussard Bosse', 15925 Crying Wind Drive, Tampa, Florida 33624-1574 (813) 963-0195 Contact: Snail Mail (1771 names)


K-BOUDRE.GED; Kathleen Boudreau, 76 Parkview Road, Halifax, Nova Scotia B4N 1P9 (902) 678-0818 Contact: Snail Mail *(10,771 names)*


M-BOUDRE.GED; Marcel G. Boudreau, 6435 Liverpool Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia B3L 1Y3 (902) 453-6675 Internet: [email protected] (1020 names)


F-BOUDRE.GED; Fred Boudreaux 195 Whisperwood Blvd., Slidell, LA 70458-1125 (504) 641-3472 Internet: [email protected] (3046 names)


W-BOUDRE.GED; Walter J. Boudreaux, 443 Bonnie Jean Drive, Baton Rouge, LA 70819-3412 (504) 275-1785 Contact: Snail Mail (2694 names)


D-BRADSH.GED; Dave Bradshaw, 1436 Appleton Drive, Gloucester, Ontario K1B 3X7 (613) 741-2725 Internet: [email protected] (1698 names)


H-BRADY.GED; Heather C. Brady, 3375 West 7800 South, Apt. 4516, West Jordan, Utah 84088 (801) 566-7106 Internet: [email protected] (Taylor) (4605 names)


R-BRAULT.GED; Robert Brault, 3207 boul. Levesque est, Laval, Quebec H7E 2P4 (514) 661-4397 Internet: [email protected] (1756 names)


M-BROUSS.GED; Mike Broussard, 645 Wilkinson Street, Shreveport, LA 71104-3131 (318) 222-1046 BBS: F-Genealogy (1502 names)


T-BURKE.GED; Tom Burke, P.O. # 6311, Moraga, CA 94570 (510) 376-7530 Internet: [email protected] : 76167.3340 CompuServe.com (2438 names)


G-BURR.GED; Winton Eugene "Gene" Burr, 1140 Elmira Street, Aurora, Colorado 80010-3211 (303) 343-1272 Internet: [email protected] (2275 names)


R-BURTON.GED; Ronald J. Burton, 64925 Orchard Drive, Gashen, IN 46526 (219) 534-0011 BBS: F-Genealogy (9149 names)


R-CASAVA.GED; Roger Casavant, P.O. Box 113, Westminster, MA 01473 BBS: F-Genealogy (3020 names)


M-CHAMPA.GED; Marian Fay Champagne, 6707 Las Brisas Drive, Houston, Texas 77083-2421 (713) 498-6122 Internet: [email protected] : [email protected] (3154 names)


L-CHARPE.GED; Leo R. Charpentier, 9614 Labrador Lane, Hunt Valley, MD 21030-1715 (410) 252-2537 Internet: [email protected] (1745 names)


F-CHARR1.GED and F-CHARR2.GED; Fernand "Fern" Charron, 23 Haxby Private, Ottawa, Ontario K1T 3B5 (613) 523-6501 Internet: [email protected] (660 names)


C-CLINE.GED; Charles "Chuck" Cline, 409 Milford Street, Manchester, N.H. 03102 (603) 647-5374 BBS: F-Genealogy *(18,557 names)*


JC-COLLE.GED; Jean-Clovis Collette, C.P. 885, Bouctouche, New Brunswick E0A 1G0 (506) 743-6087 Internet: [email protected] (1376 names)


R-COMEA1.GED to R-COMEA4.GED; Reg. L. Comeau Suite 909, 1300 Bloor Street, Mississauga, Ontario L4Y 3Z2 (905) 629-0833 Contact: Snail Mail (2864 names)


J-COTE.GED; Jane Cote, 393 Turnstone Drive, Livermore, CA 94550-2525 (510) 455-2525 Internet: [email protected] (1168 names)


J-CROCHE.GED; Joseph Crochet, 2306 Fern Place, Tampa, Florida 33604-5729 (813) 933-4871 BBS: F-Genealogy Internet: [email protected] (4578 names)


G-CYR.GED; Claude "Greg" Cyr, 173 Applegate Drive, Sterling, Virginia 20164-2130 (703) 435-9417 Fax: (703) 437-6926 Internet: [email protected] (8199 names)


Y-CYR.GED; Yvon L. Cyr, 3-304 Stone Road West, Guelph, Ontario, Canada N1G 4W4 Internet: [email protected] - Acadian Genealogy WWW Homepage: http://www.acadian.org (2961 names)


G&Y-CYR.GED; Yvon L. Cyr (see above), This is a merge of Greg and Yvon Cyr's data. This one's for you Greg!
*(11,508 names)*


B-DEBRI1.GED and B-DEBRI2.GED; Barbara De Briae-Meier, P.O. Box 231829, Anchorage, Alaska, 99523 Tel. (907) 274-5515 Internet: [email protected] (4624 names)


G-DESBE1.GED and G-DESBE2.GED; Gilbert DesBecquets, 1478 Prestone Drive, Orleans, Ontario K1E 1M4 (613) 824-4620 Internet: [email protected] (1893 names)


The balance of this file corrupted and was lost! I was able to recover the following directly from the Acadian CD. However, in the event some of you provided me new/updated information, this will have been lost and it will be necessary for you to re-send same to me. Sorry folks!


M-DROUIN.GED Mike Drouin
4640 Westmount Avenue,
Campbell, CA
(408) 379-5840
Contact: Snail Mail
(262 names)


R-DUBE.GED Rosario Dube
346 Caril Lynn Drive,
Willow Street, PA
(717) 464-1374
Contact: Snail Mail
*(15,331 names)*


E-DUBOIS.GED Eric Dubois
700 de Gaspe, Apt. 516,
Ile-des-Soeurs, Verdun, Quebec
H3E 1H2
(514) 769-7195
[email protected]
(3030 names)


P-DUCHAR.GED Pierre Ducharme
665 Franchere,
Laval, Quebec
H7E 3R1
(514) 661-1282
[email protected]
(2242 names)


B-EDWARD.GED H. Banks Edwards Jr.,
500 Woodbine Drive,
Pensacola, Florida
(904) 434-2158
BBS: F-Genealogy
(7213 names)


J-ERICKS.GED Jeannette Erickson
58 Woodcrest Drive,
Wilbraham, MA
(413) 596-4482
[email protected]
(8350 names)


P-ERWIN.GED Patricia Erwin
18100 Cliff Drive,
Independence, MO
(816) 478-8115
Contact: Snail Mail
(2383 names)


S-FLEMIN.GED Steve Fleming
10827 Moore Drive,
Manassas, VA
(703) 330-1054
[email protected]
(2838 names)


D-FLEUET.GED Donald Fleuette
65 Locust Street,
Bellingham, MA
(508) 883-0308
[email protected]
(1476 names)


C-GAULIN.GED Claude Gaulin
107 Brynwood Dr. Easton Pa 18045. Tel 610-258-2503.  E-Mail
[email protected]

(4801 names)


J-GEAKE.GED Jeanne B. Geake
1492 S. Carterville Road,
Orem, Utah
(801) 225-7510
[email protected]
(4553 names)


P-GIROUA.GED Pierre Girouard
3870 Mayfair,
St. Hubert, Quebec
J3Y 5P8
(514) 445-5983
BBS: F-Genealogy
*(10835 names)*


P-GOETTL.GED Paul W. Goettlich
14 Pheasant Lane,
Madison, CT
(203) 245-1805
[email protected]
(9356 names)


R-GRANT.GED Richard P. Grant
777 Daventry Circle,
Webster, N.Y.
(716) 671-6716
[email protected]
(411 names)


T-GRIGNO.GED Terry Grignon
P.O. Box 392,
Canning, Nova Scotia
B0P 1H0
(902) 582-3259
Contact: Snail Mail
(334 names)


D-GROSE.GED David Grose
40 Fountainhead Rd., Apt. 2017A
North York, Ontario
M3J 2V1
(416) 661-4935
[email protected]
(1280 names)


JP-GUILL.GED Jean-Paul Guillette
498 Bois-Francs Sud,
Victoriaville, Quebec
G6P 5Z3
(819) 357-2562
BBS: QN-Genealogi & F-Genealogy CDN
(499 names)


L-HACHE.GED Lucien Hache
33 George Street,
West Springfield, MA
Fax: (413) 732-1884
[email protected]
(410 names)


C-HALE.GED Dr. Christiane B. Hale,
9100 30th Avenue, N.W.,
Seattle, WA
(206) 782-0630
[email protected]
(1554 names)


P-HALL.GED Peggy Warren Hall
4301 N. 24th Street, #127,
Phoenix, Arizona
(602) 954-9220
[email protected]
(2288 names)


J-HANSEN.GED John Hansen
12085 Cherry Lane,
Olathe, Kansas
(903) 451-9075
(903) 592-2582
BBS: F-Genealogy
(1753 names)


M-HENDER.GED Marlene Arsenault-Henderson
16101 Bothell Way, M-2,
Mill Creek, Washington
(206) 745-1339
Contact: Snail Mail
(2186 names)


H-JONES.GED Harvey T. Jones
6506 S. Pintek Lane,
Hereford, Arizona
(520) 378-6903
Contact: Snail Mail
(356 names)


L-JONES.GED Linda W. Jones
2567 Smith Road,
Philadelphia, TN
(615) 337-4791
[email protected]
[email protected]
(8684 names)


K-KRAWCH.GED Michael "Ken" Krawchuk
206 Lakota Lane
Lee's Summit, Mo 64086
[email protected]
(1372 names)


D-LAIRD.GED Ellison David Laird
2041 13th Street,
Lake Charles, LA
70601 7825
(318) 436-7773
BBS: F-Genealogy CDN
(1003 names)


A-LAMOUR.GED Alan Lamoureux
11333 Quail Run Drive, N.W.,
Silverdale, WA
(206) 698-4075
BBS: F-Genealogy CDN
(5264 names)


J-LAPOIN.GED John T. La Point
7745 Northaven Place,
New Port Richey, Florida
(813) 376-6608
[email protected]
(6675 names)


T-LEBLAN.GED Tony Leblanc
205 Karolie Road,
Riverview, New Brunswick
E1B 4V3
(506) 387-7387
[email protected]
(2914 names)


S-LEDET.GED Sterling J. Ledet
2176 Heritage Drive,
Atlanta, Georgia
(404) 943-2983 (Bus.)
Contact: Snail Mail
(1571 names)


9463 Clocktower Lane,
Columbia, MD
21046 1888
(301) 604-2480
[email protected]
(3606 names)


S-LEFOL1.GED and Stephen G. Lefoley
S-LEFOL2.GED 10 Meadows View Drive,
Plaistow, NH
(603) 382-6046
[email protected]
(936 names)

C-LEONAR.GED Charles Leonard
665 Chambly Street,
Sherbrooke, Quebec
J1J 2Y1
(819) 822-4710
[email protected]
(4655 names)


S-MACMAR.GED Stuart & Diane MacMartin
28 Cleadon Drive,
Nepean, Ontario
K2H 5P3
(613) 596-2519
Fax (613) 596-9368
[email protected]
(780 names)


H-MAJOR.GED Henri Major
10 Prentiss,
Aylmer, Quebec
J9H 5V6
(819) 685-0167
Contact: Snail Mail
(1634 names)


D-MALL1.GED and Daniel Mallet
D-MALL2.GED P.O. Box 72,
Shippagan, New Brunswick
E0B 2P0
(506) 336-4098
[email protected]
(6515 names)


A-MARCUS.GED Alan Marcus
141 Forsyth Road,
Oakdale, CT
(203) 859-1375
[email protected]
(1000 names)


C-MARINE.GED Cherie Marinelli
483 Alexander Way,
Milpitas, CA
(408) 945-4321
Cherie%[email protected]
(939 names)


Y-MASSIC.GED Yvon Massicotte
3180 rue Auvergne,
Trois Rivieres, Quebec
G8Y 3K9
(819) 375-2330
BBS: QN-Genealogi
(6021 names)


E-MCDONA.GED Elizabeth "Liz" McDonald
7275 Winchester Road, NW,
Carroll, Ohio
(614) 756-9396
BBS: F-Genealogy & F-Genealogy CDN
(719 names)


D-MIALE.GED Dick Miale
533 N. Centerville Tnpk.,
Chesapeake, VA
(804) 547-1492
[email protected]
(4624 names)


JM-MICHAU.GED Jean-Maurice Michaud
135 rue Blais,
Sept-Isle, Quebec
(418) 968-1159
[email protected]
*(11,115 names)*


P-MICHAU.GED Peter P. Michaud
Personal information removed at participants request

(4310 names)


L-MONCRI.GED Lucienne & Larry Moncrieff,
53-B Tauvette Street,
Gloucester, Ontario
K1B 3A2
(613) 824-5018
[email protected]
(2254 names)


B-MORIN. GED Bill Morin
8129 Raymond,
P.O. Box 150543
Fort Worth, Texas
(817) 367-0146
[email protected]
(148 names)


L-NEVEU.GED Lucille Neveu
M-NEVEU.GED Maurice Neveu
18 Hanover Street,
Silver Creek, NY, 14136
(716) 934-3560
Contact: Snail Mail
(2098 names)


R-NORDIN.GED Robert (2Crowfeathers) Nordine
1325 Elmwood Avenue, Apt. 2,
Cranston, RI
(401) 461-3825
[email protected]
(595 names)


4531 Bienville Avenue,
New Orleans, LA
(504) 486-1159
BBS: F-Genealogy
(1567 names)


J-OCONNE.GED Joe O'Connell Jr.,
5708 40th Place,
Maryland, 20781-1726
(301) 277-7637
BBS: F-Genealogy
(104 names)


D-PARISH.GED Dale M. Parish
4460 Parish Road,
Orange, Texas
(409) 745-3899
[email protected]
(2686 names)


C-PATOUT.GED Chuck Patout,
6527 Peggy Street,
Baton Rouge, LA
(504) 766-1514
[email protected]
(1427 names)


D-PATTEN.GED Dan Pattenaude
771 D'Andrea Court,

Windsor, ON, CAN,

N9G 2N3,

ph (519) 972-6079
[email protected]
(558 names)


P-PELLE1.GED and Pat Pelletier
P-PELLE2.GED 34646 Currie Place,
Abbotsford, British Columbia
V2S 7J1
Bus. Phone: (604) 850-5110
Fax: (604) 850-9188
[email protected]
(1003 names)


D-PETRIS.GED Dolly & David Petrishin
6925 Campbell Blvd., Apt. 5,
North Tonawanda, NY
(716) 625-6341 or 625-6925
[email protected]
(3858 names)


G-PIERCE.GED Gordon Pierce
972 Rue Baugies,
Beauport, Quebec
G1C 5Z2
(418) 664-1277
[email protected]
(4257 names)


H-POTVIN.GED Howard Potvin
1058 Mercury Way / PO Box 2160
Crestline, CA 92325-2160
[email protected]
(1473 names)


P-POWERS.GED Paul M. Powers
902, 60 McLeod,
Ottawa, Ontario
K2P 2G1
(613) 567-7461
[email protected]
(1139 names)


S-REED.GED Susan A. Reed
1841 Ebera Street,
San Diegi, California
(619) 223-5795
[email protected]
(847 names)


I-ROBICH.GED Ivan Robichaud
C.P. 1118,
Shippagan, New Brunswick
E0B 2P0
(506) 336-4777
[email protected]
*(11,214 names)*


C-ROUX.GED Conrad Roux
(1048 names)

Condolences: As per Traci Roux, Conrad died in May 2003.


F-RUMP.GED W. Fred Rump
26 Warren Street,
Beverly, N.J.
(609) 386-6846
[email protected]
(115 names)


M-SAVARD.GED Marc Savard
4413 Tranquility Lane,
Box 469 BBW, RR #3,
Woodlawn, Ontario
K0A 3M0
(613) 832-1583
[email protected]
CompuServe: 72002,1073
(1486 names)


M-SCHRA1.GED Mary Anne Schram
M-SCHRA2.GED 565 W. Bolivar,
Vidor, Texas
(409) 769-3476
Contact: Snail Mail
1512 names)


F-SCHREI.GED Fern J.C. Schreiber
1104 N. Edwards Court,
Irving, Texas
(214) 594-1145
[email protected]
(396 names)


R-SHUMWA.GED Robert Shumway
409 Concordia Avenue,
P.O. Box 27,
Vidalia, LA
(318) 336-5502
[email protected]
(487 names)


P-SIMISK.GED Pat L. Simiskey
326 Linden Lane,
Lake Jackson, TX
(409) 297-2176
Contact: Snail Mail
(1912 names)


C-SMITH.GED Catherine Agnew Smith
1160 Cheri Drive,
LaHabra, CA
(310) 694-8509
Contact: Snail Mail
(605 names)


J-STEKET.GED Jerome C. Steketee
P.O. Box 287,
Macatawa, MI
(616) 335-5754
[email protected]
(979 names)


T-STEVEN.GED Tom Stevens
[email protected]
(376 names)


M-TALBOT.GED Mike Talbot
1609 Cleary Avenue,
Metairie, LA
(504) 831-1264
BBS: F-Genealogy
(5827 names)


J-TAYLOR.GED Jack Taylor
10388 Krista Court,
Cupertino, CA, 95014
(408) 996-0463
[email protected]
(2367 names)


F-THEORE.GED Francois Theoret
319 - 318 Lorry Greenberg Drive,
Ottawa, Ontario, K1T 2R5
(613) 521-9277
[email protected]
(4751 names)


D-THIBAU.GED David Thibault
23A Oak Street,
Old Town, Maine
[email protected]
(806 names)


E-TREMBL.GED Eric Tremblay
24 Earl Street.
Kingston, Ontario
K7L 2G3
(613) 547-8949
[email protected]
(1585 names)


F-TREMBL.GED Francis Albert Tremblay Jr.
4396 Mount Herbert Avenue,
San Diego, CA
(619) 278-3004
Contact: Snail Mail
(1792 names)


P-TROTOC.GED Paul Trotochaud
222 Roberts Farm Road,
Simpsonville, SC
(864) 627-9969
Internet:Paul Trotochaud
[email protected]
(2612 names)


L-TURCOT.GED Linda Turcotte
230 Hollis Street,
Holliston, MA
(508) 429-5396
[email protected]
(1076 names)

C-TUTIC.GED Carole Tutic
(Address not posted at participants request)
[email protected]
(4385 names)

J-VAUGHA.GED Jesse Vaughan
7014 Sycamore Drive,
Galveston, Texas
(409) 740-2563
(409) 763-6551 Ext. 357
[email protected]
(2623 names)


R-VENNER.GED Robert "Bob" Fahlquist Vennerbeck
30 Whipple Street,
Providence, R.I. 02908
(401) 273-5953
[email protected]
(195 names)


M-WARD.GED Michael G. Ward
1406-1616 Pendrell Street,
Vancouver, British Columbia
V6G 1S8
(604) 685-8422
[email protected]
(813 names)


D-WARRE1.GED Doris M. Warren
D-WARRE2.GED 1524 Forrer Blvd.,
(513) 256-7510
BBS: F-Genealogy
*(13,164 names)*


M-WEST.GED Michael G. West
949 Pinetree Street,
Slidell, LA
(504) 649-7225
[email protected]
(1069 names)


J-WOSTAL.GED (details witheld at participants request)


Total number of participants: 135

Total number of names in GEDCOMS: 519,008

I want to sincerely thank all of the above noted who made the commitment
to participate early in the Project...and then "came through"! YOU made
this Project become a reality.
Note: While those contributors whose data exceed 10,000 names, have been
highlighted with asterisk (*), the fact remains that the sum of ALL
contributors, large or small, resulted in this CD containing over 1/2
million names!

a) No attempt has been made to confirm the accuracy of the submitters
address listed above, which is based strictly on that received.
b) Please read the "Disclaimer/Copyright" information (Section <G> in the
Main Menu) pertaining to the integrity of the data contained in each gedcom.

In instances were the requested Tiny Tafels were NOT submitted (or created
incorrectly), they were created using either Brother's Keeper or GED2TT.
All Tafels were named (or re-named) in the same manner as the gedcoms, with
the extension .TT All Tiny Tafels have been placed in the directory named...

Using Brother's Keeper, a list of surnames contained in each submitters
gedcom, was created. Again, the file names are consistent with those of
the gedcoms and tiny tafels and use the extension .SUR
These files have been placed in the directory named..."SURNAMES".

With the exception of the start-up software "acadian.exe" placed in the Root
Directory, all software included in this CD-ROM, has been placed in the
directory named..."SOFTWARE". Please be certain to read the important
*WARNINGS* in the AA-INDEX.TXT file as well as WARNING.DOC located in the
Software Directory, which outline the fact that YOU must PAY THE AUTHOR(S)
DIRECTLY for the use of their Shareware Software (.ZIP files).
As you will note, there are MANY "Personal Ancestral File" PAF Utilities
included in this directory. Many of these were provided by Mike St. Clair
[email protected]) and I urge you to use his PAF REVUE
Program located in the sub-directory called "PAFREV", where you merely have
to type "PAFREV" (while in the directory), to view his excellent review of
most PAF Utilities on this CD-ROM. Many thanks for your wonderful contribu-
tion Mike.

All text files submitted, but NOT forming an integral part of the gedcom,
have been placed in sub-directories of the TEXT directory, using gedcom
names to identify the sender. For example, my own text files (which do not
form an integral part of my GEDCOM), are located as follows...

All .MAT files (as described in the "information on search software"...
Section <G> of the Main Menu), created by the search software, have been
placed in the directory named..."MATCH".

All .NDX and .NDI files (as described in the "information on search
software"...Section <G> of the Main Menu), created by the search software,
have been placed in the directory named..."INDEX".

The author, project, software, copyrite and fileinfo .DOC's (readable from
the Main Menu), are located in this directory.

At the very last minute of the 11th hour (or was it the 25th hour <G>),
I encountered a few "problem" GEDCOMS which would not allow the GENSRCH
software to "do its thing". Rather than delay the Project, I chose to
place these in a separate directory entitled BAD-GEDS. Please read the
BAD-GEDS.DOC which provides details.
December, 1994




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