History of the Cajuns

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678 page book by Alex Loya

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The author of the excellent publication “The History of the Cajuns”, my good friend Alex Loya, was deployed to Iraq and in his absence, I have been asked to act as the official distributor of his book.

During the French and Indian War, one of the saddest episodes was the expulsion of the French population of what used to be the French Colony of Acadia in present-day Nova Scotia. This human tragedy came to be known as the Great Acadian Exile. It was at this time that the people known as the French Acadians were scattered through the 13 British Colonies and to the Spanish Colony of Louisiana, where they became known as Cajuns, and where they gave Louisiana her character. In this thoroughly well researched book, drawing from primary and other sources, Alex Loya examines the incontrovertible evidence that a number of those first Cajuns moved on to Texas where they became a significant segment of the colonial population of Texas and participated in every aspect of American history starting with the American Revolution, when the tragedy of the French Acadians turned into victory.


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