In Search of Our Acadian Roots CD

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genealogical information on 400,000+ lineage-linked acadian individuals

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In April of 1994, at the urging of many genealogist friends and “Acadian-Cajun Cousins” I, along with 134 other participants, undertook the Project of having the first French Canadian/Acadian Genealogy CD-ROM of its kind (and size), produced!

The original CD was DOS-based and somewhat difficult to use. However, in 1999 I upgraded the CD to a Windows-based version [Windows95 or higher], powered by the very popular genealogy program, Brother’s Keeper. The original DOS-based CD is no longer available!

The newly issued “In Search of Our Acadian Roots” CD, includes approximately 150 GEDCOM files, provided by the 134 genealogists (from all over the world) who participated in this project. Each of these GEDCOM (which have purposely _not_ been edited), can be viewed using the BK program provided. No additional software (or program), is required. Once imported into the BK program, the extensive genealogical files are lineage-linked and include the usual dates of birth, marriage, and death, as well as the source of this information, as provided by the participants. In total, the CD contains genealogical information on 400,000+ lineage-linked individuals.

The CD also includes over 200 genealogy-related Shareware/Freeware Programs and Utilities, with a PAF Review program (which provides a very detailed “review” on most of the Shareware programs & utilities). In addition, the CD contains hundreds of Acadian reference texts, as well as Acadian census’ and all of Peter Berlo’s “Acadian History/Tidbits”…and much much more. This is reportedly the largest single Acadian-Cajun/French-Canadian database available, anywhere.

Once a user determines the information of interest, is is a simple procedure to create a GEDCOM file, which can then be imported into ones own genealogy program.