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[With the exception of the CYR mailing list - message baord, I no longer Administer any Rootsweb Mailing Lists, even though I was the person who CREATED the Acadian-Cajun List. Nonetheless, I highly recommend you subscribe to Rootsweb 'free' service].


Welcome to Rootsweb's Mailing Lists Instructions/Guidelines


I have been the moderator/facilitator of numerous Rootsweb Mailing Lists for many years and have established a number of guidelines to be followed by all subscribers, regardless which List you are subscribed to. If you find you are unable to adhere to ANY/ALL of the following "guidelines", then please do us both a favour... DON'T SUBSCRIBE!


1. All Rootsweb's Mailing Lists are identified by the first word(s) in the mailing address. Here is the list of those which I personally Facilitated...



(The above-noted is the most popular Acadian-Cajun Mailing List on the 'net and was created by myself!)












CYR-L and CYR-D (in 2010 I was asked to Administrate this mailing list (and message board)
































NOTE: So obviously, any time you write to the Mailing List Administrator, it is extremely important that you identify which Mailing List you are referring to.


2. Throughout these guidelines and instructions I will refer to ALL Mailing Lists in this manner:


... and you need only substitute the XXXXX with the appropriate List name. So, for example, I will list the MICHAUD-L List as the XXXXX-L List however the XXXXX-L could also apply for the ACADIAN-CAJUN-L Mailing List. Keep in mind that the letters are "cap-sensitive" which is to say that, if/when I show a capitalized word, you must likewise use capital letters.




i) To SUBSCRIBE to any Rootsweb Mailing List, send an e-mail message to:

1. XXXXX-L[email protected] (to receive copies of individual messages). This is known as the List or Mail mode (thus the reason for the use of the L).


2. XXXXX-D[email protected] (to receive copies of multiple messages in packet of 10-15 messages). This is know as the Digest Mode (thus the reason for the use of the D).

Thus, if you wanted to subscribe to the ACADIAN-CAJUN Mailing List in Mail Mode (to receive
individual copies of all messages posted to same), you would send your message to:

[email protected]

BUT, before you actually send your request to subscribe (to any Rootsweb Mailing List), you must FIRST turn off any 'signature file' you may be using in your e-mail messages and, in the body of your message, include the single word SUBSCRIBE... nothing else.

If you have done it correctly, you will receive a "robot" message confirming that you are now subscribed to the ACADIAN-CAJUN-L Mailing List and within a relatively short period of time, you will start receiving copies of
every message posted to that Mailing List.


ii) Initially, I encourage you to sit back and just read incoming messages for some time before you actually start posting messages to the List (this is a common practice known as "lurking" in the background and is probably the best way to "learn" all the 'ropes'). Remember, there may be many hundreds of subscribers who have been members for many years and know (and follow) the established guidelines of the List... and there are many... and expect YOU to likewise follow the rules. Once you are ready to actually POST MESSAGES to everyone on the list, merely prepare your message and send to:

[email protected]

So for example, to send a message to the MICHAUD Mailing List, you would send your prepared message to:

[email protected]

Note 1: The word "request" is NOT included in the above-noted address and is only used to subscribe or unsubscribe from a Mailing List... more about that later.

Note 2: You cannot post a message to any of my Mailing List, unless/until you are subscribed to the List.

Note 3: Regardless of whether you are subscribed to a Mailing List in "L" or "D" Mode, you will receive copies of EVERY message posted to same.



All Rootsweb Mailing Lists for which I am facilitator/moderator, are intended to be used primarily for/by genealogical researchers of Acadians and/or Cajuns ancestry.



1. XXXXX-L@rootsweb.com is for individual messages to be delivered to your e-mail address. As each subscriber to the list sends messages (to the List address), you will receive a copy of the message.

2. XXXXX-D@rootsweb.com is for a digest of several accumulated messages to be delivered to your e-mail address in packets. As each subscriber to the list sends messages to the List address, they are collected into a packet to be delivered in Digest form once a certain number of messages have accumulated. The digest is generated approximately once a day and delivered to digest subscribers, but of course, this varies depending on the number of messages actually posted to a Mailing List. This option is handy for people who don't want numerous single messages to accumulate in their mail box.




There are two important e-mail addresses to use in order to participate on any Rootsweb Mailing List:

1. To send MESSAGES to ALL subscribers on either the -L or -D version of the list, use [email protected]

2. To send COMMANDS to Rootsweb for subscribing, unsubscribing, or to make other changes to your mailing list subscription, use:

i) XXXXX-L-request@rootsweb.com (for individual messages).

ii) XXXXX-D-request@rootsweb.com (for digest of multiple messages).

To manage your subscription, send an e-mail message to the applicable address listed above and use any of the following commands, typed within the body of your e-mail message. Type ONLY ONE of the commands shown below. Do not add any extra words or lines of text. Do not, for example, use a signature file attached to the e-mail message, or you will receive a "robot" reply message stating : "Do not recognize command 'Jones' ."




The above-noted instructions are intended to get you off to a quick start however, it is imperative that you carefully review (on a regular basis)... AND FOLLOW... ALL of the established guidelines (below) of the Mailing Lists which I facilitate. While I try to be fair in applying the guidelines, I also tend to be kinda strict since I've found over the years that most subscribers prefer it that way. And PLEASE remember one very important thing, if I chose to REMOVE you from a List (after fair warning) for failure to follow established guidelines, it is usually a PERMANENT decision... which means you will no longer be able to re-join the Mailing List. Sorry.


Yvon Cyr, Facilitator

[email protected]

Rootsweb Archiver

Click here (or the image above) to view sample messages of the ACADIAN-CAJUN Mailing List.




Guidelines Message sent to all New Subscribers of XXXX-L or XXXXX-D Rootsweb Mailing Lists


Following is copy of the reply message sent to each new subscriber, outlining the "guidelines" to be followed by all members of Rootsweb Mailing Lists which I facilitate. Please read this entire message before you post an e-mail to any of the Rootsweb Mailing Lists which I facilitate... and retain a copy for your future reference. If you difficulty with any of the established guidelines, then I suggest you do us both a favour... UNSUBSCRIBE!

You are currently subscribed in "mail mode", which means that you will receive every posting made to the XXXXX-L Mailing List as a separate e-mail. The directions on how to change to "digest mode" are given below.

1. Purpose.

The XXXXX-L Mailing List is for discussion of the Acadian and/or Cajun history and genealogy, worldwide.


2. How to unsubscribe.

Send a message to [email protected] that contains (in the body of the message) the single word command: UNSUBSCRIBE

... and no additional text (if you have difficulty removing your signature lines, you can put the word "quit" on the line after "unsubscribe").

If your e-mail address goes bad or your mailbox fills up, you'll be automatically unsubscribed by the Rootsweb software after the fourth message in a row bounces back to RootsWeb. Please be aware that I have no control over this!


3. How to subscribe.

Whatever you just did worked, or you'd not be getting this message. But for future reference (for instance, if your subscription is canceled for whatever reason and you want to re-subscribe), just send the command "subscribe" to
[email protected].


4. How to change to DIGEST mode (several postings are combined and sent to you together as a single large message). There are two steps.

First, send the command "subscribe" to:

XXXXX-D-request@rootsweb.com to start receiving digests.

Second, send the command "unsubscribe" to:

XXXXX-L-request@rootsweb.com to discontinue mail mode.


5. If you'd like to post a message so everyone on the mailing list receives it, just send it to [email protected]. It will then be sent on to everyone in both mail and digest mode. Don't send it separately to both mailing lists.


6. I, Yvon L. Cyr, am the custodian and facilitator of numerous Rootsweb mailing list... all Acadian and or Acadian-Cajun related and you may contact me via e-mail at: [email protected] I am also the author of the Acadian Genealogy Homepage where additional details of this mailing list may be obtained (you are reading them now! <ggg>). Check the URL address: http://www.acadian.org If you have problems getting unsubscribed from the list or have any other difficulties with the list, write to me (not to the list) and I'll try to resolve the problem.


7. Even if you decide not to save this message (but you really should), please try to remember that, like all the XXXXX-L lists at Rootsweb, the subscribe and
unsubscribe, messages go to:

-L-request@rootsweb.com, not to the [email protected] list itself.
Note that the word "
request" must be included. If such messages are inadvertently posted to the wrong list, I'll do my best to manually subscribe (or unsubscribe) the person.


8. Message format and attachments.

Please submit messages only in plain text, and don't submit attachments. Many of our subscribers are using software that cannot read attachments. Please, always use a helpful subject line like "Jean COMEAU d. 1730 in Port Royal, Acadia", rather than a generic one like "inquiry about my family line". You are encouraged to post your query frequently, perhaps once a month, if you have not found the information you are seeking for. New people are joining the mailing list all the time, and they may have the info you need.

9. Advertising.

Technically, RootsWeb has a "no commercial use" policy. Like all RootsWeb policies, though, the last thing that we want is for policy to get in the way of our doing genealogy. Therefore, I will allow brief announcements that are specific to ACADIAN-CAJUN resource material, which includes a pointer to the URL and/or specifies an e-mail address. Do NOT include prices and ordering info; just include a pointer to a URL, a commercial mailing list, or an e-mail address where the complete ordering information can be found. I make no distinction between for-profit, or not-for-profit... advertising, is advertising! In case of doubt, send me the message...in advance... at: [email protected] and I'll review it and (if appropriate) forward it to the mailing list or give you my approval to post same to the List. While I will use common sense in determining what is (or is not) appropriate, the ultimate decision is mine (only) to make. If I see that you are merely using the Mailing List as an advertising medium, you will be asked to stop posting such messages. In summary then, it is my intention to keep this Mailing List commercial-free on an ongoing basis, while recognizing that our research is often based on finding that special book, that special web site, that special census etc.

Be advised that you may be (permanently) removed from the Mailing List for failure to abide by this guideline!


10. Copyright Considerations:

a) You own your posts. When you post messages to mailing lists, message boards, and other facilities at RootsWeb, those posts remain your property under copyright law.

b) RootsWeb may archive and redistribute. So that Rootsweb can provide current and future users with access to your posts, by posting on a Mailing List you give RootsWeb a permanent license to archive and redistribute those posts. This policy may be superseded in specific circumstances by other commitments made by RootsWeb.

c) Post only material you own. When you post to RootsWeb, you must either be the copyright holder (that basically means you wrote it), have written permission from the copyright holder, or the material must clearly be in the public domain.

11. No-nos.

Please do not submit virus alerts, test messages, chain letters, political announcements, current events, personal messages, or other off-topic material to the list. Don't send copies of copyrighted material. Vulgarity and personal attacks on other list members are also unwelcome. Don't send messages exceeding 8 kilobytes in length, such as gedcoms. If someone else violates these rules, please do not send their message back to this list! That just magnifies the problem, and defeats our anti-spam defenses at Rootsweb. And please try to keep "quoting" to a minimum. Quoting is repeating text of the message you are replying to. Some quoting is often necessary, to remind other readers what the thread is about, but do try to use good judgment. For example, quoting the previous writer's signature block or surname list, is totally unnecessary. Surname lists are okay as long as they're limited to 3-4 names. Any more than that and many people just won't read them. In short, use good common sense!

Yvon L. Cyr, Facilitator
E-Mail address:
[email protected]
Web Site Info:




Did/are you experiencing any trouble?


 * Have you used the correct address for the mailing list subscribe/unsubscribe commands? The correct addresses are; XXXXX-L-request@rootsweb.com or XXXXX-D-request@rootsweb.com Did you forget to include the word "request"?


* Did you remember to turn OFF your signature file with the subscribe/unsubscribe command message?


* Did you include any extra words or text within the body of the message?


* Did you check (double-check) to be sure that the word "subscribe" or "unsubscribe" was spelled correctly?


* Are you already on the mailing list?


* Have you changed your ISP and/or e-mail address recently?


* Is your mailbox (at your ISP) full?


* Is the "Reply To" return address absolutely correct in your e-mail software program's option menu? If not, the subscription will not work correctly. The "Reply To" address must be exactly the same as your e-mail address, in order to ensure return e-mail and successful mailing list commands.



Short-List of Don'ts and Do's for this Mailing List


* DO NOT send attachments (attached files of any sort...this includes v-cards, GEDCOM files, zipped files or any other type of attachment).

 * DO NOT send copies of complete Digest Mode messages, when replying to a post. Cut and paste the applicable message in your reply, only.

 * DO NOT repeat the entire "initial" message in your reply. Include only that portion of the message which is necessary to remind everyone, what you are replying to. Delete everything else (including headers, signatures, taglines)...use "cut and paste".


* DO NOT forward virus warnings (most of which are hoaxes) or chain letters.


* DO NOT use signature files wider than 70 characters, or longer than 4-5 lines, OR with long lists or surnames. As a matter of fact, you are encouraged NOT to include any signature...just your name and e-mail address.


* DO NOT use HTML or RTF (rich text format) in your messages.


* DO NOT cross-post messages to multiple mailing lists on the "To" or the "Cc" line of the e-mail.


* DO NOT post messages which are off-topic.


* DO NOT use all-capital letters when writing e-mail messages.


* DO NOT flame other members of the mailing list. I enjoy lively debates (especially when they're educational) as much as anyone...as long as your comments don't get "personal".


* DO continue to participate actively.


* DO encourage your Acadian-Cajun friends to join the Mailing Lists.


* DO review the guidelines to using these Mailing Lists, on a regular basis.


* DO enjoy yourself to the fullest.


* DO be nice to one another.


And finally, as a couple of _former_ subscribers could attest to, if you are contacted privately by me with a request to adhere to a specific guideline/policy, I expect you to likewise reply to me _privately_. Mailing Lists are NOT the forum to discuss these matters. Thanks in advance for your anticipated cooperation.

Yvon Cyr

[email protected]





THERE'S A PARTY GOING ON! Every Sunday evening starting at 7:00 PM, members of these Mailing Lists are encouraged to meet at the ACADIAN-CAJUN Chat Room. This is your opportunity to TALK to all your Acadian-Cajun cousins. Click here for additional information.




A "listowner" maintains a mailing list. The listowner is usually the person who originally established the list and determined the purpose of the list and any rules associated with it. The listowner also helps those who need assistance to subscribe and unsubscribe from the list successfully.

Messages sent to mailing lists are forwarded via e-mail to a software program, which then distributes a copy of the message to each of the subscribers on that list.

There are at least two different e-mail addresses associated with each mailing list. The first address is used for sending "subscribe" and "unsubscribe" commands by e-mail. The second address is used to send e-mail messages to all of the other subscribers on the mailing list. Pay close attention to the differences between these two e-mail addresses, so that you know you are using the right address for the proper function.

Most mailing lists have two versions: mail mode and digest mode. Mail mode is for individual messages to be delivered one at a time to each subscriber. Digest mode is for several messages to be delivered to each subscriber in one message.

After you successfully subscribe to a mailing list you will receive a welcome message with details on how that particular list works. Keep a copy of the welcome message.

These suggestions apply to mailing lists and are also good rules for regular e-mail correspondence. The last thing in the world you want to do is inadvertently offend that cousin who has the priceless records about your ancestors.

Read the subscription (subscribe and unsubscribe) instructions carefully and follow them exactly. Don't pester the listowner for personal help. Try subscribing and unsubscribing at least five times before you ask for help. You can do it! Read -- don't skim -- the welcome message, FAQ, Web page or any other information sent to you regarding the mailing list and how it works. The rules do apply to you. Follow them.

After joining a mailing list, "lurk" (read, do not respond) for a while. Use the correct e-mail address when posting or replying to messages. If you want to reply to someone privately, be sure you are not replying to the entire list. Look at the "TO:" window in your e-mail before you hit that "REPLY" button.

Do not send "test" messages to mailing lists. (Mailing lists work; you don't have to "test" them).

Never return an entire letter, message, or newsletter to the sender or to the mailing list. Check the automatic functions on your e-mail program to avoid this. Turn that function off.

Do not post any inappropriate messages to a list. For example, don't post genealogical queries about when/where your great-grandparents were married to a list that deals with those coordinating work on compiling cemetery records for a state or county. Don't send any requests for genealogical research to a Webmaster or listowner. 

Do not use your signature file if it contains long lists of surnames, or your favorite sayings, etc., and always turn it off before you attempt to subscribe or unsubscribe from a mail list.

Do not send file attachments to mailing lists. Do not send or forward junk mail or virus warnings to a mailing list.

Do not cross-post the same message to numerous mailing lists.

Do not post personal information about yourself or living family members to any mailing lists.

When responding to queries, quote your sources precisely. Indicate titles of books, Web site addresses, library names or any other reference you have used.



If you decide to reply to a question on a mailing list, determine whether it will be of general interest to all subscribers. If not, send a private e-mail to the person who posted the question.

Do not post personal replies or thank-you messages to a mailing list. Send these messages directly to the individual.

When replying to a message found on a mailing list digest, do not repeat the entire text of the original message with your reply. Repeat only enough text from the original message that is necessary to clarify your reply or to remind the recipient about the original topic.



Mailing lists are like genealogical societies or any group of people -- composed of many different types of personalities. Remember that misunderstandings can happen easily, as it is impossible to convey body language via e-mail. Avoid topics and discussions that may be controversial in nature.

Do not participate in name-calling or other "flaming."

Do not assume anything. Clarify all statements before you react.

Be patient with all "newbies" to a mailing list. Remember that we all had to start somewhere!

The Internet is a global community; therefore be tolerant of others who use English, French, or any language differently than you do. Watch your slang and acronyms. Language that is readily understood and socially acceptable in the United States or Australia, might be incomprehensible or even embarrassing to your British, Canadian, or German cousins.



Sign your e-mail with your name and e-mail address. Not all e-mail software automatically provides this information in the headers. Make it easy on your cousins, so they can contact you.

Give a mailing list a fair chance to prove useful. Don't be discouraged if a list is low in traffic or if there are lulls in the conversations. Hang around on a list for a while before you decide to quit. Remember it is a two-way street. Don't ask what all you can GET from a list -- offer to GIVE something.

You never know what might pop up! A researcher I know just received a copy of an 1800 Bible entry for her ancestors. It came from a distant cousin she met via a mailing list. She had been searching for this material for more than 20 years!




Rootsweb Resources for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)


ARCHIVES & Searching. (See sample of archived messages here).

GENEALOGY Resources on the Internet: Mailing Lists.

MAILING Lists are fun!






As facilitator/custodian of these Mailing Lists, it is my responsibility to enforce the established guidelines and policies governing the use of same so as to make everyone's participation an enjoyable experience. In the event it becomes necessary to "moderate" any issue(s), the person(s) concerned will be contacted _privately_ (via e-mail) by myself and requested to adhere to the established rules. Similarly, I expect the concerned parties to communicate _privately_ and directly with me (via e-mail) at [email protected]. As a number of _former_ subscribers could attest to, THE MAILING LIST IS NOT THE PROPER FORUM TO DISCUSS ANY POLICY ISSUES! Please govern yourselves accordingly...and, thanks in advance for your anticipated cooperation.  



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