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I am very pleased to announce that you can now order "Acadian-Cajun Family Genealogy" CD-ROM's for the specific family you are researching, at the very modest price of $19.95 each, USA Funds, plus small shipping/handling charge. Click here to see which families are available!
Acadian Heart Each CD-ROM includes lineage-linked genealogical information on between 1,000+ to 40,000+ individuals, as noted below. Every effort has been made to eliminate duplicates, while maintaining the integrity of the data. As well, the original 'source' of the data is included, when/where available and, when known, Acadian Native Indians are identified. And, my own personal research notes are included on each CD-ROM.
Acadian Heart In addition to the extensive lineage-linked database, each CD contain all pertinent Acadian-Cajun historical texts from my Acadian Genealogy Homepage web site, as well as a bunch of Acadian songs (with lyrics).
Acadian Heart These "new edition" CDs are Windows-based, powered by the very popular Brother's Keeper Genealogy Program. Permission for use of the BK (version 6.0) program has been provided by John Steed and extensive technical support is available at his official BK web site. 
Acadian HeartRequirements: CD-ROM Drive; Windows 95, up-to-and-including Windows 7. No additional software required.


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a) Forty-eight individual families added!
b) Seventy-one individual families to conform with Stephen A. White's Dictionaires!
c) One hundred and seventy-nine individual families now available!

2. CLICK THE FOLLOWING BUTTON Credit Card Order buttonto order 'In Search of Our Acadian Roots' and/or 'Acadian-Cajun Family Trees' CD-ROMs, Online using Visa or Master Card.

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(Note: The CDs include numerous variations of spelling of each surname)

Of course it will be noted that, while French-Canadian, some of the above-noted families are _not_ Acadian-Cajun [Click here for an explanation of the difference]. These 'specific family' CD-ROMs are offered to assist your research, given the fact that there were/are numerous inter-marriages between French-Canadians and Acadian-Cajuns.


Special Announcement


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[Revised Edition; 2008]

The author of the excellent publication "The History of the Cajuns", my good friend Alex Loya, was deployed to Iraq and in his absence, I have been asked to act as official distributor of his book. The cost of this exhaustive 678 pages book, is $34.95 $29.95 (USA funds) plus shipping-handling [details]. Merely connect to my secure server to place your Online Order using Visa or Master Card. Yvon Cyr.

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"A few years ago, we took a trip to visit Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. While there we purchased your Acadian-Cajun Family Trees CD. By using the information contained on this CD, I was able to increase mine and my wife's ancestry listing from 400+ to over 1700 names which comprise 800+ families. I highly recommend this CD to anyone who is Cajun of Acadian descent and who is serious about tracing his or her roots." DWL of Louisiana.

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Canadians Remember 9-11-2001

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Tom Brokaw explains the relationship between Canada and the United States.



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