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Acadian.org is the number one source for Acadian-Cajun Family Genealogy information. We provide extensive family trees for dozens of Acadian family names.

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Congrès Mondial Acadien 2019

Southeastern New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island is delighted to be hosting the next Congrès mondial acadien on August 10 to 24, 2019.

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100's of Family Names

From Achee to Violette and everything in between, Acadian.org has genealogy information on hundreds of Acadian families.


Acadians Helping Acadians

We understand Acadian genealogy because we are Acadians. While Yvon Cyr, the creator of this site, may have passed away, his children and grandchildren continue his legacy.

High Quality Information

A majority of the extensive Acadian research done over twenty years used primary sources such as church records, marriage records, birth certificates and more.

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“A few years ago, we took a trip to visit Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. While there we purchased your Acadian-Cajun Family Trees CD. By using the information contained on this CD, I was able to increase mine and my wife’s ancestry listing from 400+ to over 1700 names which comprise 800+ families. I highly recommend this CD to anyone who is Cajun of Acadian descent and who is serious about tracing his or her roots.”



“Got it last week, and spent the weekend looking at it. (Neglecting my family, I might add) There is an amazing amount of information stacked on it! The shareware collection alone is fantastic. So far, I’ve only scratched the surface of it, but it looks like a very well thought-out piece of work. The work that you put into it is certainly appreciated.”

Don Lundry

Wayne, New Jersey

“Let me tell you that your Home Page on Acadian is wonderful, well made. Congratulations. The whole project that you have dreamed of and brought to an end is extraordinary. In French we say “Je lève mon chapeau” for this marvelous success.”

Hubert Potvin

Laval, Quebec

“I now have used the CD for a few days and find it to be fantastic! It will be a valuable tool for me to use in my family search for years.”

Rick Paggeot

Whitehall, Michigan

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Each CD-ROM and Digital Download includes lineage-linked genealogical information on between 1,000+ to 50,000+ Acadian individuals. There is no better source for your Acadian genealogical needs!