This website is managed by Denis Cyr, his wife, Becky, and their son, Nathan. Denis is the son of Yvon Cyr, the originator of this website and one of the primary researchers of Acadian genealogy.

When Dad was forced to retire, he struggled with not knowing what to do with the ‘free time’.  His Uncle Roch began talking to Yvon about their family history and Dad became curious.  He started researching his family history. He sought out primary sources like church documents, obituaries, census reports, spoke with people, learning their stories and relating with their own searches.  Genealogy is a complex tapestry, as soon as one name is found, it unravels the need to find 2 more, and then 4 more, then 8 more then 16 more and more and more!  Acadian Genealogy became a passion for my Dad more than a past-time.  He shared his research with others helping to link them to their family histories.  And in the process he created a data-base of over 6,000,000 individual names.  OH and he did ALL his research BEFORE the advent of the internet!!!

Yvon Cyr, 2012

When Dad passed away suddenly and unexpectedly on September 5, 2012, from a fall, we were all in shock.  We were so ill prepared for the loss! As a family we knew it was important to keep his legacy alive, to keep making his research available to anyone searching for their roots.  It has been an enormous task preserving Dad’s work.  But we know he is with us, watching over us, and guiding us.

It is in honour of his work and memory that we have decided to up-date the format of his website.  We have kept all his content, which is extensive, as he shared articles detailing Acadian History, Culture, and Genealogy.  He reviewed and promoted the writings of many who wrote books about the Acadian People.  He promoted the Acadian World Congress/Congrès Mondail Acadien, which we have kept as an historical archive.  He posted pieces of various census dating back to 1671.  Moving and organizing the many many pages from Dad’s original website have really opened our eyes to the wealth of information Dad had accumulated.

We hope you find this newly designed website easier to navigate, that you find information that helps you research your family genealogy, and come to know your Acadian History more completely.