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“Acadian Awakenings” Series of Books by William Gerrior

If you are a Girouard/Gerrior/Giroir/Giroire/Gerrior et al, this series of books is a MUST for you! The five-volumes series of books contains a history of the prominent Girouard, Giroir (e) Girroir, Gerrior… family originating in France during the medieval period, up to and including the deportation from Acadie (1755-1783). Subsequent books follow them after exile in Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Québec and Louisiana. The author, Bill Gerrior, uses and explains a unique genealogical system including a Master Chart. The genealogy system and much of the history presented in these books, are applicable and of interest to all Acadians. The French-Canadian Branches of Girouards are also presented in the first “Acadian Awakenings” book in France, as well as the Quebec Volume to follow.

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Volume One; France & Acadie

Volume Two; Nova Scotia & Prince Edward Island

Volume Three; New Brunswick

Volume Four; Quebec

Volume Five; Louisiana

More About the Author

William (Bill) D. Gerrior is from a large family of nine children. He resides in Halifax, having roots in the small Acadian village of Larry’s River in Guysborough Co. on his father’s side and in the small Acadian Village of Pulamon, Isle Madame, Cape Breton on his mother’s side (Fougère). Bill is married to Audrey Gray, of Halifax, having two children: Steve and Suzanne, both of whom are proud Acadian descendants carrying on the Acadian traditions, using their own special talents.

The author has given a series of well received workshops on his Master Chart genealogy methodology used in this book, including a session at Grand Pré National Park during Acadian Days, 2001, as well as a follow up workshops at the West Pubnico Acadian Museum, for the families in the Pubnico region and also for a number of other Acadian families in the south, central and northern part of the province, as part of the preparation of all Acadian families in Nova Scotia for the CMA 2004 (Congrès mondial acadien 2004 or World Congress of Acadians 2004).

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