Cajun by Blood: A Thibodaux Family Story

A secret marriage. A prisoner of war. A missing finger. Children lost at sea. Such could be the plot of a mystery thriller, but it’s a glance inside the illustrious Thibodaux family memoir. In 1654, young Pierre Thibodeau waved goodbye to his family as he sailed away from war-torn France toward the promise of another country. In exchange for the Transatlantic crossing, he would commit to years of grueling labor. This story begins as he stepped onto the Canadian shore of Acadie, and brings to life his descendants who, though separated in Le Grand Dérangement, were reunited joyfully on Louisiana bayous. Observe the daily life of contemporaries Wallace and Mathilde Bourgeois Thibodaux who raised their large Catholic family on a country farm on Bayou Blue with Cajun Joie de Vivre and the collective DNA of generations past.

Review by Thomas Knowles (brother in law)

I found this book Cajun by Blood by Celeste LeBlanc Norris at my sisters house. I like to read on my breaks at work.  The book is full of short stories that both entertain and educate. I am not a Cajun by blood but have learned a great bit about my extended family through easy to read book.

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Celeste LeBlanc Norris
New Orleans, LA