Census of Chéticamp by Father Lejamtel, Missionary, (Dated August 1809)

Village of Grand-Étang

François CORMIER and Anne HACHET, his wife; Cyprien, Barbe, François.

Joseph CORMIER and Susanne LEBLANC, his wife.

Simon DOUCET and Scholastique CORMIER, his wife; Simon, Henriette, Marie, François, Marguerite, Barbe, Félicité, Céleste, Sophie, Scolastique. Étienne Raimbeau and Louise Cormier, his wife; François.

David CHIASSON and Celeste CORMIER, his wife; Matilde, Charles, Celeste.

Le Platin

Louis DOUCET and Magdeleine AUCOIN, his wife; Joseph, Magdeleine, Marie Judith, Dominique.

Jean BOURGEOIS and Angélique POIRIER, his wife; Laurent, Jean Charlotte, Marie, Raimond, Thomas, Genevieve, Eustache, Charles, Sophie, Gervaise, Anne, Céleste.

Maximin GODET and Genevieve BOIS, his wife; Angélique, Jean, Marie, Elisabeth, Ursule, Marguerite.

Anne RICHARD, widow of Joseph GODET.

François Marie LEFORT and Anne GODET, his wife; Joseph.

Louis BRUYARD, widower of Marie Magdeleine DEVEAUX, Charles, Marie, Marguerite, Rosalie.

Joseph BOUDROT and Anne CHIASSON, his wife; Charles, Luce Aucoin (domestic).

Anselme AUCOIN and Rose CHIASSON, his wife; Marie, Hubert, Raphael, Pierre, Magdeleine, Agnes, Joseph, Thomas, Susanne.

Simon AUCOIN and Élisabeth POIRIER, his wife.

Joseph AUCOIN and Marie HEBERT, his wife.

Cyriac ROCHE and Rosalie HARNOIS, his wife; Modeste, Joseph, Hubert, Marie.

Genevieve GODET.

Pierre AUCOIN, widower of Félicité LEBLANC.
Joseph AUCOIN and Ysabelle LEBLANC, his wife; Joseph Charles, Pierre, Luce.

Augustin DEVAUX and Marie POIRIER, his wife; Joseph, Frédéric, widower of Théotiste LEBLANC, Jean Baptiste.

Joseph GODET and Ysabelle AUCOIN, his wife; Osithe, Ysabelle, Marguerite, Henriette, Victoire, Françoise, Joseph.

Jeanne DUGAS, widow of Pierre BOIS.

Régis BOIS and Apolline ARSENAUX, his wife; Marie-Magdeleine, Genevieve, Hélène.

Joseph DEVAUX, widower of Angélique HEBERT.

Bruno POIRIER and Marie DEVAUX, his wife; Renauld, Moyses, Félix, Meloine.

Pierre DEVAUX and Marie AUCOIN, his wife; Marie, Luce.

Jean DEVAUX and Eulalie POIRIER, his wife; Susanne.

Raimond POIRIER and Marie BOIS, his wife; Raimond, Henriette.

Jean LELIÈVRE and Marie Angélique DEVAUX, his wife; Marie, Susanne, Jean, Ester, Elisabeth.

Ysaac LEBLANC and Genevieve AUCOIN, his wife; Alexis, Julienne, Simon, Henriette, Catherine, Félicité, Genevieve.

Anastasie GIROUARD, widow of Jean ROMARD; Magdeleine Olive, Jean François, Marguerite Rose, Anne Marie, Anastasie Angélique, Sophie, Julie Rosalie, Julien Alexandre.

Village of Petit-Étang

Elisabeth BOUDROT, widow of Jean CHIASSON.

Lazare LEBLANC and Modeste CHIASSON, his wife; Cyprien, Jean, Simon, Lazare, Euphrosine, Marie.

Étienne CHIASSON and Monique GODET, his wife; Urbain, Charles, Anastasie, Michel, Joseph, Prosper.

Joseph LEBLANC and Marie CHIASSON, his wife; Jean, Joseph, Lazare, Placide, Marie Grégoire, Sophie.

Jean Baptiste MAILLET and Françoise CHIASSON, his wife; Marie, Michel.

Anne LEBLANC, widow of Grégoire MAILLET.

Joseph CHIASSON and Marie MAILLET, his wife; Joseph, Charles, Magdeleine.

Rosalie MAILLET, widow of Simon CORMIER; Simon.

Pierre AUCOIN and Luce BABIN, his wife; Magdeleine, Barbe, Pierre, Marguerite, Simon, Charles, Félicité, Marie, Joseph.

Joseph DEVAUX and Euphrosine GODET, his wife; Magdeleine, Anastasie, Ysidore, Ester, Marie, Ysabelle, Angélique, Joseph, Françoise, Susanne.

Joseph CHIASSON and Dorothé POIRIER, his wife; Hubert, Ursule, Céleste.

Chéticamp Island

Basile CHIASSON and Anne ARSENAUX, his wife; Thomas, Jean, Marguerite, Basile.

Firmin CHIASSON and Hélène POIRIER, his wife; Susanne, Jean, Hélène.

Marie PITRE, widow of Germain CHIASSON; Maturin, Charlemagne, Laurent, Polycarpe, Marie Barbe, Charlotte, Germain.

Pierre DEVAUX and Marguerite GODET, his wife; Agnès, Pierre, Rosalie, Charles, Marie, Joseph, Marguerite.

André POIRIER and Marie Blandine BENOIT; André, Marie, Casimir, Benjamin, Henriette.

Joseph POIRIER and Euphrosine DEVAUX, his wife.

Thomas DOODY and Marie POWER, his wife; Thomas, Brijitte.

Joseph MATHE and Marie ZACE, his wife; Marie, Emilie.

Alexandre MCDONALD and …, his wife; his children.

I am grateful to Joe Crochet who provided the above-noted information for the… “In Search of Our Acadian Roots” CD-ROM ©1994 (now available in Windows Version).

A) Source for Chéticamp Census: Archives of Archbishop of Québec, Nova Scotia, VII-22

B) Secondary source: Chéticamp by Father Anselme Chiasson – ISBN 1-895415-29-2.
He has also written the History of the Acadians at Cape Breton and the Magdalen Islands.

* with corrections by Yvon Cyr