1999 Acadian World Congress

Special Announcement

June 11, 1999

Dear Cousins:

I was devastated to receive confirmation that I will have to be re-operated for what my doctors describe as an “incision hernia”, probably caused by my earlier heart by-pass operations, in late August or early September.

This would of course be considered a “pre-existing condition” which the Insurance would not cover in the event an emergency situation arose while I was in Louisiana, thus I am having to cancel my proposed attendance to and participation in, the Congres Mondial Acadien!@#$%^&*




Congrès Mondial Acadien; Louisiane 1999…What is it?

In August 1994, 300,000 members of the Acadian dispora gathered in New Brunswick, Canada, for the ‘Congrès Mondial Acadien’, the first worldwide reunion of the Acadian people since the forced deportation in 1755.

From August 1 to 15, 1999 Acadians from throughout the world are invited to come together for a second reunion: Congrès Mondial Acadien Louisiane 1999.

What makes CMA – Louisiane 1999 different from other Louisiana festivals, is that all the activities will take place in several towns and cities throughout Acadiana, the 22-parish area with the heaviest concentration of Acadian descendants.

For more information, or to register as a volunteer worker during the Congrès, call (318)234-6166, or write to CMA – Louisiane 1999, P.O. Box 3804, Lafayette, LA 70502-3804.

Officers of “CMA-Louisiane; 1999”

BRIAN GABRIEL COMEAUX: President and Executive Director, is an attorney in Lafayette and resides in Scott, Louisiana.

RICHARD GUIDRY: Vice-President, is a foreign languages supervisor for the State of Louisiana’s Department of Education.

RUTH BLANCHARD: Secretary-Treasurer, is a teacher in Pierre Part, Louisiana.


Board of Directors of CMA-Louisiane; 1999

MARY DELAHOUSSAYE BELLEAU: Mrs. Belleau (originally from Cecillia, Louisiana) is a careers counselor for L.S.U. and resides in Bâton Rouge, Louisiana.

WARREN PERRIN: Mr. Perrin (originally from Prairie Greig, near Erath, Louisiana) is an attorney in Lafayette and serves a President of CODOFIL.

DALE DOUCET: Mr. Doucet is a real estate developer in LaFourche Parish, and resides in LaRose, Louisiana.

CAROL AUCOIN: Mrs. Aucoin is principal of the Elementary school in Belle Rose and a pioneer in French Immersion Education in Louisiana. She resides in Pierre Part.

EARLENE BROUSSARD: Ms. Broussard (originally from the Marais Castille, near Kaplan) is Executive Director of CODOFIL. She resides in Lafayette, Louisiana.

CHARLES LARROQUE: Mr. Larroque is a French Immersion teacher and television producer, who resides in Lafayette, Louisiana.


Comeaux added, “we work very closely with the team of the Congrès Mondial Acadien in Dieppe, New Brunswick, especially their new President, MICHEL LEGER. We are very grateful for the aid given to us by Jean-Luc Chiasson, Daniel Arsenault, Violet Green, Wilfred Roussel and Andre Boudreau. The CMA-Louisiane will never become a reality, without the benefit of their experience and expertise, and the CMA-Louisiane is but a moral branch of their efforts to promote the interests of the Acadian people of the Diaspora. We are, for example, very happy and encouraged to see the efforts undertaken by Jean-Luc Chiasson to put in place in the Credit Union and banks of the Maritime Provinces of Canada, a type of savings account similar to the Christmas Cluc Accounts that we know well in the U.S., but with the objective of allowing Acadians in Canada, the means to begin saving now, for their long voyages to Louisiana in 1999. His efforts are a testimonial, not only for the great attachment that Jean-Luc gives to his Acadian identity, but also a sign of excitement which already exists in Canada, for the ‘CMA-Louisiane; 1999′”.