Contacts Sought for CMA; Louisiane Family Reunions

The following is a reproduction (with thanks) of an article which appeared in the September – October 1997 issue of Louisiana Roots.

Contacts Sought for CMA; Louisiane Family Reunions

Organizers of the family reunions for Congrès Mondial Acadien; Louisiane 1999 are telling members of twelve families who have not yet begun to plan for 1999, that it is not too late to do so.

The following families have not yet organized: Boudreaux, Daigle, Girouard, Melançon, Sonnier, Baudoin, Begnaud, Benoit, Credeur, Doucet, Fontenot and Mouton.

“All we need is one contact person to get a family started,” said Eddie Richard, director of CMA- Louisiane family reunions west of the Atchafalaya Basin. Once a person shows interest, members of the CMA- Louisiane reunion committee, meet with the representative to provide that person with all the information necessary on organizing a reunion.

“This is not a covered-dish type of reunion where everyone knows everyone,” Richard said. “The CMA- Louisiana reunions are designed to include extensive genealogy and involve family cousins from Canada, Europe, and other parts of the world”, he said.

For those who are hesitant or fearful about the work involved in such an undertaking, Richard insists that these reunions are easy to organize. “We are prepared to tell families exactly how to go about planning one of these reunions,” he said.

Richard and members of his committee provide families with guidelines on such things as basic organization, selection of officers, and choice of date and site.

The reunions are one- or two-day events with full programs that include many workshops on genealogy, informational booths, arts and handicrafts exhibit, and music and dancing. At the last Richard reunion, 1500 people registered and the group hopes to double that number in 1999.

Richard said that he views the family reunions as a wonderful opportunity for Acadians descendants. “For once, Acadians from all over the world can come together and meet as a function that both honors and recognizes them, instead of putting them down,” he said.

Any member of the families that have not yet organized is invited to contact Eddie Richard at (318)235-0538 in Scott, LA or Cheryl Collins, director of reunions east of the Atchafalaya at (504)897-2000 in Houma, LA.