Le Congrès Mondial Acadien comes to Louisiana in 1999.

The following article is a News Release by Brian Gabriel COMEAUX, who is the President and Executive Director of “CMA Louisiana-1999” and is re-printed (with approval and thanks) from “The Acadian Star” April 1996 Newsletter of the S*A*D (Society of Acadian Descendants):

The event that charmed the Acadian people in August 1994, is coming to Louisiana in 1999! The “Congrès Mondial Acadien; Louisiana-1999”, announces that the second “Congrès” will take place in South Louisiana, during the first two weeks of August, 1999.

“There will be activities throughout Acadiana, or as we are fond of saying, from Grand Isle to Gueydan”, said Brian Gabriel Comeaux, President and Executive Director of the Louisiana non-profit Corporation, “Congrès Mondial Acadien-Louisiana”.

The 1999 Congrès has chosen “Reunion en Louisiane” as its theme. Comeaux said, “we found that above all, it was the family reunions that took place during the 1994 Congres in New Brunswick, that had most touched the hearts of those Acadians from Louisiana who had the opportunity to participate. Therefore, we found it altogether natural to plan the next Congrès around the “Reunion” theme.

The “CMA-Louisiana; 1999” also unveiled its logo for the 1999 event. It strongly resembles the logo of the Congrès Mondial Acadien’s parent organization, but decorated with the theme of the 1999 event. The words “Reunion en Louisiane” extend across the yellow star at the top of the logo. There is also a version which bears the words, “Louisiane 1999”.

Mona Fitzgerald Design of Lafayette…the graphic design firm that conceived the logo, also gave the lines which underline the words “Congrès Mondial Acadien” a wavy look, which gives the logo a more festive feel.

“The ‘CMA-Louisiane; 1999’ is very grateful for the volunteer efforts that the Fitzgerald firm undertook for our committee. The logo that all the Acadians of the world know so well, will stay the same, but we are very happy to be able to give our event its unique identity”, said Comeaux.

Like its predecessor in New Brunswick which attracted the participation of over 250,000 (including 3,000 Louisianians) and had an economic impact of $ 17,500,000. US on the region, the CMA-Louisiane 1999 will include the reunions of between 60 and 75 Acadian families. There will also be several concerts of Cajun and Acadian music, as well as many other activities.

Another project undertaken by the “CMA-Louisiane; 1999”, will be to assist as many towns and cities in the Acadian Regions of Eastern Canada. “In support of the effort to make known the fact that the Acadians of the world are one people, united by blood and history, we find it important to improve the links between the Acadians of Louisiana and the Acadians of Canada. We saw the tears shed at Dieppe (New Brunswick) for the Cajun day offered during the last Congrès and we would like to recreate that experience in each Cajun town in 1999. It is our goal to have links in place by 1999, not only between towns and cities, but also between families. We hope that our “twinning” project can be the vehicle to make this goal a reality”, said Comeaux.