Caravan to the CMA 2004

The following “Caravan Information” was provided me by Jeff Melancon, Curator of the Acadian Genealogy Society, via e-mail message on March 5, 2004…

The Caravan From Cajun Land To The Acadian C.M.A.

This trip was not put together by a Travel Agency. It is just a group of Cajuns from Louisiana that will travel to Nova Scotia, but may end up in California. If you are traveling in the same direction at the same time as we are, we’ll be glad to see you. The caravan will not be responsible for anything that happens to you on the trip. You will be responsible for your own expenses, including but not limited to overnight accommodations, fuel, and meals.

If you would like to meet up with the caravan at any point on the way to Nova Scotia, contact Jeff Melancon via e-mail at [email protected] or phone 225.744.4253. Let us know where you will meet up, and how far your motorhome / vehicle can travel on a full tank. Your cell phone number would be good to have too.

The caravan will stop approximately every 200 miles to stretch their legs and give those who are not in a motorhome a chance to fuel up and grab something to eat. The stops will try to be scheduled at locations such as TA, Pilot, Flying J, etc. They will be places where everything can be done at one location, such as fuel up with diesel or gas, eat, and use the restroom. The caravan will not be stopping at Interstate “Rest Areas” or “Welcome Centers”.

The following are web sites to the towns the caravan will be stopping in. If you wish to make arrangements for overnight stay, you can find a place here:

Fort Payne, AL:
Harrisonburg, VA:
Manchester, CT:
Houlton, ME:

If you have any trouble getting to these web sites, just type in the town / chamber of commerce.

If you are driving a motorhome and do not want to dry camp, you will have to make arrangements at a campground.

If you plan to cross a ferry from the main land to Nova Scotia, go to one of these web sites:

Cat Ferry:
Scotia Prince:

The following driving directions are from AAA and FMCA and will be followed as closely as possible. From Baton Rouge to Clare is approximately 2450 miles and will take approximately 40 hours in driving time.


July 26 / Day 1:
Beginning in Baton Rouge, LA on I-12 East at Exit #10 at the Truck Stop. Leaving at 9:00 am sharp, the caravan will head East on I-12 and connect with I-59 North in Slidell, LA. The caravan will continue on I-59 North until arriving in Fort Payne, Alabama.Miles traveled – approximately 500

July 27 / Day 2:
The caravan will leave Fort Payne, AL at 9:00 am sharp heading North on I-59 and connecting with I-24, then with I-75 North in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Continuing on I-75 North to Knoxville, TN and connecting with I-40, then with I-81 North. Continuing on I-81 North, traveling through Tennessee and Virginia until arriving in Harrisonburg, VA. Miles traveled – approximately 500

July 28 / Day 3:
This will be the hardest day, as for watching for highway changes and by passes. The caravan will leave Harrisonburg, VA at 9:00 am sharp heading North on I-81 until connecting with I-66 East in Strasburg, VA. Continuing on I-66 until the Washington, D.C. area and connecting with the I-495 North Loop, then connecting with I-95 on the other side. Continuing on I-95 North until the Baltimore, Maryland area and connecting with the I-695 Loop (Right), then reconnecting with I-95 on the other side, and continue on I-95 North through Maryland and Delaware. Entering New Jersey and connecting with and continuing on the New Jersey Turnpike, until connecting with the Garden State Parkway near Perth Amboy, New Jersey. Continuing on the Garden State Parkway until connecting with I-287 East, then with I-684, then with I-84 East. This will have taken us through New Jersey, part of New York, and into Connecticut, where the caravan will stop in Manchester, CT. Miles traveled – approximately 500

July 29 / Day 4:
The caravan will leave Manchester, CT at 9:00 sharp heading North on I-84 and enter Massachusetts until connecting with I-290, then connecting with I-495. Continuing through Massachusetts until connecting with I-95 near the Massachusetts/New Hampshire state line. Continuing through part of New Hampshire, into and through Maine on I-95 North until arriving in Houlton, Maine. This will be the last stop in the US before crossing the border.

* For those of you who will be crossing the ferry from the main land to Nova Scotia, you will be getting off of I-95, and will not continue to Houlton, ME with the rest of us.

July 30 / Day 5:
The caravan will leave Houlton, ME at 9:00 am sharp heading toward the border and connecting with Hwy 2 East (Right). Continuing on Hwy 2 through New Brunswick and until entering Nova Scotia, where Hwy 2 changes into Hwy 104. Continuing on Hwy 104 until connecting with Hwy 102 near Truro, N.S., then continuing on Hwy 102 until connecting with Hwy 14 near Milford, N.S., then continuing on Hwy 14 until connecting with Hwy 101 and head West. The caravan will continue on Hwy 101 until arriving in Church Point – Clare for the Opening Ceremonies.

Miles traveled – depends on where you broke off from the caravan. But you made it to Nova Scotia.

* Individuals may have already broken off from the caravan once it entered Nova Scotia, depending on what reunion you are attending and where the reunions are.

August 9: Aheeee!, Everyone is invited to come join in on the fun at the “Louisiana Day” celebration in Wolfville, Nova Scotia (near Grand Pre). This event will show how your “Cajun Cuzins” live and pass a good time. There will be music, dancing, artwork & crafts, workshops & lectures on the Cajuns, and lots of other things. And yes, of course food and drinks too! There will be a small charge to enter the venue. If you would like to participate with this event by cooking, showing your craft items, speaking about Cajun life, or just want to help out in general, contact Brenda Trahan . Do not contact Brenda about the caravan, only about “Louisiana Day”.

August 15:
The caravan will meet up in Grand Pre, N.S. for the Closing Ceremonies.

August 16:
The caravan will leave Grand Pre, N.S. at 9:00 am sharp and head back in a similar way it came.