Family Reunions CMA 2004

August 13, 2002

The following message was received from Cyrille LeBlanc [email protected]

Invited to join 2004 reunions of Acadian families

On behalf of the Acadian families in Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia, I invite all descendants of our families to join our associations and help in organizing the reunions to be held during the third Congrès mondial acadien in 2004.

Plans are already progressing well for these reunions. We have 12 associations grouping 27 families which will be holding their respective reunion, or a major activity, in Yarmouth County between July 31 to August 15, 2004.

The families are: Amirault (Amiro, Amero), Babin, Blanchard, Boudreau of South Western Nova Scotia(an activity), Boucher, Bourque (Bourg), Clairmont, Corporon, Cottreau, d Eon (Duhon, Duon), d Entremont, deViller, Dulong, Frotten, Fitzgerald, Harris, Hubbard, Jacquard, Landry family of Yarmouth County, LeFave, Moulaison, Mius (Muise, Meuse), Pothier / Pottier, Richard family of Wedgeport, Surette, Thibeau / Thibault and Vacon.

We have incorporated associations, nominated committees and are well on our way to holding memorable reunions for all our Acadian families.

We need your assistance in contacting all our families members who are living on the four corners of the globe.

Visit our web site at Follow the links. Or write to me for membership forms and information on your family. You can also call our office during normal working hours at 902-648-2440. Our answering machine is on 24 hours a day. Our fax number is 902-648-2341. The e-mail address of our coordinator is [email protected].

We are also planning other activities during the two weeks of the Congrès such as; combining three Acadian festivals during that time; Acadian soirées and suppers; outdoor shows; exhibits and interpretations and plays commemorating the 400th anniversary of l Acadie; concerts, and many other opportunities to meet Acadians and other visitors from around the world. These activities will keep you more than busy before and after your family reunion.

Bonjour et merci.

Betty d Eon
President Reunions 2004
PO Box 590
Nova Scotia
B0W 2X0