Press Release: Announcing Executive Committee


Board of Directors for 2004 World Acadian Congress in Nova Scotia Named

The board of directors of the World Acadian Congress, Nova Scotia 2004, met in Halifax December 8, 1999 to select the members of its executive committee and to discuss steps which will take priority in the planning and organization of the Congress.

Mr. Allister Surette, president of the College de l’Acadie, and who was chairman of the provisional committee for the Congress, was elected chairman of the new permanent committee by the board. Napoléon Chiasson, a former school principal in Cheticamp, will be vice-chairman; Harley d’Entremont, President of Université Sainte-Anne, will be treasurer while Jennifer Bourque, executive director of the Conseil Jeunesse Provincial, will serve as secretary. The four positions are renewable annually; others could be added to the executive committee if necessary.

“One of the first tasks of the new executive committee will be to prepare initial requests for financing for the new council’s operating funds. In this way, we will be able to develop a structure and a working procedure,” said president Allister Surette.

Mr. Surette assures the board has clearly received the messages expressed at the first annual general meeting of the Congress. Communication and direct links between the board of directors and the regions and activities, especially the family reunions, will be essential. In due course, a provincial strategic planning and vision will be developed by the board by respecting regional particularities,” declares Mr. Surette.

The ten members of the board were elected and chosen from the twenty-six applications received at the first meeting of the Congress on November 20, 1999 at the Ramada Inn in Dartmouth. Over a hundred people from all over Nova Scotia were at this gathering. The next meeting of the board of the 2004 WAC will be held in January, 2000.

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