Press Release by The Board of Directors of the World Acadian Congress 2004

Preparations for the 3rd World Acadian Congress 2004 progressing

For immediate release:

Meteghan River (Nova Scotia) August 17, 2000 At its August 9th meeting, the “CMA2004” Board of Directors that includes Acadian representatives from throughout the province of Nova Scotia, officially adopted the Organizational Guide for the World Acadian Congress that will take place from July 31 to August 15, 2004.

Allister Surette, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the World Acadian Congress 2004 (CMA 2004), expressed his pleasure at the adoption of the Organizational Guide which he characterised as an indispensable tool that will permit the Board to function in a clear framework. In addition, he underscored that the flexibility and hard work required to organize such a large undertaking requires an ability to adjust to changing circumstances and requirements over the period of preparation.

The Guide includes, according to Mr. Surette, the general orientations of the Congress, its organizational structure, a calendar of deadlines, as well as an action plan and a proposed budget required to achieve its goals.

The Organizational Guide will be officially presented in October 2000 at the Annual General Meeting of the World Acadian Congress 2004 to be held in Dartmouth in conjunction with the AGM of the Acadian Federation of Nova Scotia (FANE).

Following the anticipated confirmation of operating grants from the Federal and Provincial governments, the Board of Directors is now in a position to roll out its organizational plan.

The Board of Directors will immediately begin work on setting up the organizational structure to reflect the wide range of events to be included in the World Congress. The first task is to proceed with the hiring of a CEO. According to Mr. Surette, the right choice of the CEO is essential to the success of the Congress.

Once the CEO is in place, other positions will be filled including Finance, Administration, Logistics, Programming and Communications as well as the Regional Co-ordinators.

The Acadian community and the Family Reunion organizations will be consulted throughout the planning and organization of this third World Congress, Mr. Surette said.

Mr. Surette concluded by stating, “The World Acadian Congress 2004 will be a source of pride and of renewal for all Acadians and therefore it is essential that they continue to take part in the decision making process for this unique historic event.”

For information please contact:

Allister Surette, Chairman
Board of Directors of the CMA 2004
Telephone (902) 769-3906
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