Theme Song News Release


Halifax, August 14, 2003 – At the stroke of midnight on August 15, Acadian National Holiday, all of Acadie will have the opportunity to hear, for the very first time, the Congrès mondial acadien 2004 (CMA 2004) theme song:

Je reviens au berceau de l’Acadie.

The song, which literally means, “I’m returning to the cradle of Acadia”, is sung by Nova Scotia’s own Grand Dérangement and features New Brunswick singer Carole Daigle. Michel Thibault, Artistic Director for the group, is responsible for writing the lyrics and music.
Over 600 media from Canada, France, Louisiana and the New England States have received a copy of the CD and will hopefully broadcast the song for their listeners. “We’re hoping the song will be heard simultaneously throughout the world. With only one year until Congrès, the song will create a unique momentum, kicking off the official countdown to the event”, explains Vaughne Madden, General Manager for CMA 2004.
Je reviens au berceau de l’Acadie invites Acadians and friends of Acadians from around the world to return to Nova Scotia, the cradle of Acadian culture. The song is a celebration and a renewal of Acadian pride. It is also a tribute to the glorious homecoming scheduled for next year.
The public is invited to download the song free of charge on the CMA 2004 website, “The song does not belong to Congrès mondial acadien 2004, it belongs to each and every Acadian. This is why we chose to offer the song at no cost to anyone who wishes to download it from our site” adds Ms. Madden.
Greater Halifax residents will have the opportunity to witness the first live performance of the song during the Grou Tyme Acadian Festival scheduled for September 18, 2003. Grand Dérangement will release their latest album on which Je reviens au berceau de l’Acadie is among the compilation.
The production of the theme song, as well as a promotional video, is made possible by funds from Canadian Heritage and the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency.
Source and information:
Danielle LeBlanc, Communications Director
Congrès mondial acadien 2004
Telephone: (902) 424-2220