2009 Acadian World Congress


Proud of your Acadian-Cajun Heritage?

(Moncton, May 14th, 2009) ­ Thanks to a partnership with CapAcadie.com, the 2009 World Acadian Congress (WAC) wishes to invite Acadians from around the world to register on the new Map of Acadians made available today on the CapAcadie.com and cma2009.ca websites. As the 2009 WAC approaches, the Map of Acadians is a uniting project for the Acadian people. “Acadians are everywhere, in India, in China, in the United States, in Alberta, in Europe. The Map of Acadians is a way to show where we are, wherever that is”, says 2009 WAC general director, Robert Frenette. “It will be interesting to see how the map, a portrait of the Acadian diaspora, unfolds as days and weeks pass.”

“Share the map with your friends and your family, invite everyone to get on the map”, adds CapAcadie.com assistant director, André Wilson.

Acadian World Map

World Acadien Map


NOTE FROM YVON: Sadly though, neither CMA-2009 and/or CapAcadie.com are providing English translation for the many Acadians-Cajuns now living all over the world… WHO CAN NO LONGER SPEAK OR UNDERSTAND FRENCH!

Fortunately, my good friend Rachelle Dugas has provided me the following translation of the French instructions on the CapAcadie web site. You may want to cut-and-paste these instruction into one of your word processing programs (i.e. Notepad; Wordpad; MSWord; etc. and print them out BEFORE you click on the link. Here are Rachelle’s translated instructions:

Just under the map, click on “Ajoutez-moi à la carte” RED BUTTON ON LEFT. Then, under Option 2, click on “Créer un nouveau compte” BIG RED BUTTON ON RIGHT.

Then fill in the following:

Étape 1 – Step 1

Pays = Country (you will find the US when you scroll down) Code Postal = Zip

Étape 2 = Step 2

Compte = Account

Prénom = First name

Nom = Last name

Nom d’utilisateur = Username (you create it when signing up)

Adresse e-mail = Email address

Mot de passe = password

Confirmer le mot de passe = Confirm password

Finally, click on the red button that says “Créez mon compte” which means, create my account.


a) Using your postal code, CapAcadie.com will place a yellow star on the Acadian World Map, where you reside. To view the portion of the map where YOU live, just click-and-drag the mouse to your State/Province.

b) When you pass your mouse over top of the star, you will see your ‘username’ displayed.

c) If you’ve done everything correctly, you will also receive a message (in French of course) from CapAcadie.com


Enfin retrouvés, Chanson thème du CMA 2009


Details of my attendance at CMA-2009…

The Pokemouche Region of New Brunswick will host a multitude of festive and interactive activities that will take place outside where the innovation, creativity, and know-how of Acadia and the Francophonie will be displayed. This village, both physical and virtual, which will be a place of meetings, merry-making, and entertainment, is designed as a human and technological mosaic presenting Acadia and the Francophonie in the many fields in which they have made their mark. Spaces dedicated to specific fields such as technology, science, economy, cooking, arts, genealogy, culture and music, communities, and so on, will enable the visitors to discover the wealth of the Acadian and Franchophone ingenuity.

I personally will be attending CMA-2009, along with brother and our respective wives! We will have a booth at the Espace 2009, Marché Acadien, Pokemouche, New Brunswick (on Highway 11, about 15 minutes south of Caraquest, New Brunswick) from August 16th to August 22nd. Hours of operation will be from 10:00AM to 8:00 PM and there is no entrance fee and ample visitors parking.

There are so many activities scheduled at Espace2009, that I recommend you connect directly to the official CMA-2009 site and view the ‘happenings’ there, every day from August 16th to August 22nd… you’ll be impressed!


Marché Acadien; see # 4 on map below:

CMA2009 organizers anticipate over 100,000 visitors will check-out the 500,000 square feet of expositions at Espace 2009 and I’m personally hoping to have the opportunity to visit with many of my Acadian-Cajun Internet cousins.

I will be promoting my family genealogy CDS (at special pricing), as well as the “History of the Cajuns” book written by my good friend, Alex Loya.


McQuinn’s Backyard Lobster Bake

Golf Driving Range- Take-out- Seafood Market

12848 Route 114, Penobsquis, New Brunswick