CMA 2009 Organizational Details

December 2007


· On November 1st, the Acadian Memorial sponsored a La Toussaint meditation and prayer service at the Deportation Cross in the Meditation Garden at 121 South New Market Street, St. Martinville. (337-394-2258). On November 10, the Acadian Memorial hosted “L’Ordre Du Bon Temps” annual fundraiser at the Petroleum Club in Lafayette. Special guest for the event was Judy McEwan Pearson from the Bear river First Nation reservation representing the Micmac people of Nova Scotia and Paul Arsenault of Quebec. The Acadian Memorial also hosted “Quilts on the Teche Festival,” a Marquis de La Fayette
commemorative event held in St. Martinville Evangeline Oak Park. On October 10th the Acadian Memorial presented Layne Longfellow, nationally known reader of the works of Longfellow, who read excerpts from “A Slave’s Dream” and “Evangeline”.
([email protected]).

· On December 1st, Loubert Trahan announced a CAFA meeting and a new newsletter to be published by James Bourque
“Confederation of Associations of Families Acadian, Inc.” (337-856-1620; 856-4240). CAFA leads the way in organizing Acadian families.

· In October, in connection with Acadian Heritage Week, the Acadian Culture Center hosted the traveling exhibit “Farming in the Wetlands of Old Acadie.” (Acadian Cultural Center, 501 Fisher Rd, Lafayette, LA).

· Jean-Guy Rioux, President of 2009 World Acadian Congress, announced that the team organizing the 2009 World Acadian Congress (WAC) launched its preliminary program in front of a large audience in Pokemouche, located in the center of the Acadian Peninsula (New Brunswick). The announcement took place two years and two months before the event that will not only be the largest ever organized in this region of New Brunswick, but also the largest event in 2009 in the Canadian francophonie. The event will be held from August 7 – 23, 2009 on the Acadian Peninsula. More that 100 communities will offer a number of activities highlighting the richness and dynamism of the host region. The World Acadian Congress is a return of Acadians and guests from around the world.

Contact: (506-384-6897; Carol Doucet <[email protected]>