Official CMA “Special Events” Schedule

The 4th Acadian World Congress (CMA 2009) will be held from August 7th to August 23rd, 2009, in the Acadian Peninsula, in northeast New Brunswick. The World Acadian Congress is a huge gathering of Acadians from all over the world. It takes place every five years. It is a unique occasion for the residents of the Acadian Peninsula to showcase themselves to the rest of the world, as well as the perfect opportunity to meet with cousins from far away. The CMA 2009 is also a meeting place for family reunions, outdoor concerts, thematic and community events, and popular and scientific conferences. In short, the CMA 2009 will showcase a huge line-up of activities for all tastes and all ages, spread over the entire territory of the Acadian Peninsula.

The first World Acadian Congress took place in 1994, in south-eastern New Brunswick, and it was organized by nine francophone municipalities from that area. The second Congress took place in 1999 in Louisiana and the third was organized in 2004 in Nova Scotia. In 2009, the Acadian Peninsula is playing host to the 4th Congress.

Congrès mondial acadien 2009
218, J.D.Gauthier Blvd., Room 128
Shippagan, N.B., E8S 1P6

Telephone: (506) 336-2009 or 1-866-370-2009
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OPENING DAY: AUGUST 7 / Lamèque, Shippagan and Miscou Areas

From Miscou and Lamèque to the port of Shippagan, walking the land originally inhabited by the First Nations, crossing elegant bridges lined with colourful ships, and getting to meet a multitude of human and cultural wonders of all origins, citizens and tourists can participate in the Marche de l’Acadie, a celebration of our origins and of the current vitality that make this Francophone people from America so unique. A welcoming breakfast and cultural activities will be offered along the picturesque trail. The day will end with Racines océanes, the grand opening concert featuring many artists, the majority of which are from the Acadian Peninsula.


Preceded by a series of rural breakfasts in Grande-Anse, at the Village Historique Acadien, and at the Bas-Caraquet Marina, the Grand tintamarre 2009 will be the focal event for all of Acadia. Instigated by the Festival acadien de Caraquet, in collaboration with the CMA 2009, this gathering of community art in the street will be enhanced by allegorical elements that will strike the collective imagination. To the sound of pots and pans and music instruments, characters with eccentric face paintings and many coloured costumes will parade along with the general population and visitors to express their pride in Acadia loud and strong. This great wave of merry frenzy will make its way to the Tintamarre de feux event area that will bring together some of the most distinguished artists in Greater Acadia.

CLOSING DAY: AUGUST 23 – Tracadie-Sheila – Neguac Areas

In the Neguac Region, under the symbols of youth, family, and spirituality, closing day will start with a wonderful summer carnival. You can go on a journey to discover culture and community through thematic pavilions. In Tracadie-Sheila, at the end of the day, there will be a big closing show for the Congrès mondial acadien 2009. This multidisciplinary entertainment will showcase some of the best current voices Acadia has to offer and will tell the story of the Francophone people’s incredible journey in pictures, music, and songs. Like a message sent out into the world, a call for human solidarity and peace, this show – With One Voice (D’une même voix) – will carry you on a touching pilgrimage to the heart of the Acadian spirit.

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