Family Reunions CMA 2009

Special Notes To Family Reunion Organizers

1. Want to generate extra revenues to cover the expense of your family reunion? Contact me for complete details for promoting/marketing the numerous “Acadian Family Genealogy” CD-ROMs available from me, during Congres Mondial Acadien. Great opportunity for “shakers and movers”.

2. Looking for some great gifts ideas for your family reunion? Visit the Acadian-Cajun & French-Canadian Online Boutique for some very unique products.

3. Does your family have (or plan on having) a web site to provide ‘cousins’ worldwide the exciting details of your upcoming family reunion? Please ask them to connect to… click on “Add a Site” and place a link there, to significantly increase the numbers of visitors to the site. In addition, if I am provided the URL address, I’ll be happy to add it to this page of my site.