CAFA Meeting—- December 1, 2007

October 2007

A Newsletter Published by “Confederation of Associations of Families Acadian Inc” October 2007
By James Bourque

SPECIAL NOTICE!! CAFA Meeting—- December 1, 2007

GREETINGS: To all Acadian family organization members, we hope you have a great fall season and we hope to see you on December 1, 2007 for the annual CAFA fall meeting.
ANNUAL FALL MEETING: Our annual fall meeting is scheduled for Saturday, December 1, 2007 at the WOW in Maurice starling at 9:00 a.m. sharp. Because we are meeting in conjunction with the Trahan family meeting which starts at 10:00 a.m., we are asking those attending the CAFA meeting to come on time so we can have our meeting and be complete by 10:00. CAFA members are invited to stay for the Trahan meeting and share a meal at noon. There is a nominal fee for the meal. Those planning to stay for the meal should RSVP to Ray Trahan at [email protected] or at 337-856-1620, Loubert Trahan at [email protected] or James Bourque at: [email protected] or 337-856-4240.
We especially urge all CAFA board members representing various families to attend. Some of the items for discussion are:
1.. The 2009 CMA which will be held in the Acadian Peninsula of New Brunswick.
2.. the list of families organized for CMA 2009 in New Brunswick
3.. Possibility of a camper’s caravan to CMA 2009 .
4.. Bus tour to CMA 2009.
5.. Status on Acadiana hosting CMA 2014.
6.. Official announcement of the two families being honored at the March 15th 2008 Acadian Memorial Festival
7.. Current status of funds for French Immersion.
8.. Scholarship to summer French Immersion at St. Ann Nova Scotia. .
PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE: Ray Trahan is currently serving as president of CAFA and he has this message for all Acadian family organization members. “We would like to hear from each family organization as well as encourage all family organizations to keep the organization active. If Acadiana is selected to host CMA 2014 you will not have to incorporate again. The announcement of the host area will be made in April of 2009. I hope to see many of our Acadian family organization members at our annual meeting. Your attendance and participation is very important to your family organization and CAFA.”
RENCH IMMERSION PROGRAM: Each year CAFA allocates funds to French
Immersion Programs for the purchase of materials of instruction to be used in the classroom by teachers and students. We recently mailed letters. of allocation of these funds to 25 schools. So far 15 of these schools have agreed to accept the funds. They are:
1. Acadian Middle-Lafayette
2. North Lewis Elem – New Iberia
3. South Boulevard Foreign Language – Baton Rouge
4. Prien Lake Elem. – Lake Charles
5. Prairie Elem. – Lafayette
6. Cecilia Primary – Cecilia
7. Haynes Academy – Metairie
8. Henry Heights Elem. – Lake Charles
9. J.C. Ellis-Metairie
10. Park Vista Elem-Opelousas
11. Westdale Middle-Baton Rouge
12.S. J. Montgomery Elem-Lafayette
13. Paul Breaux Middle-Lafayette
14. Gillis Elem-Lake Charles
15. Moss Bluff Middle – Lake Chales
Other schools have until 1 November 2007 to respond if they want to participate and receive the funds. The funds that CAFA allocates comes from different sources such as family organizations, grants, private individuals, and businesses .. Acadian family organizations that would like to donate funds to this worthwhile project are welcomed to do so. The Roy family organization “Les Roy de Monde” donated $500.00 to support the program at Evangeline Elementary. Thank you to all donors.
CMA 2009: We are listing some of the information concerning the main events scheduled for CMA 2009 from August 7-23, in the Acadian Peninsula of New Brunswick. Four major events will mark this fourth World Acadian Congress. Three days of festivities filled with symbolism will culminate in a major show featuring artists from each of the host areas. In addition, Espace 2009, a place for meeting and innovation located in the heart of the Acadian Peninsula, will be a key gathering location for all involved.
Opening Day: August 7-Lameque, Shippagan and Miscou area. Acadie Welcomes From the Acadian islands of Miscou and Lameque to the port of Shippagan, travel across the land originally inhabited by the First Nations and cross magnificent bridges to the sounds of a symphony of decorated boats. Residents and visitors will participate in an “Acadian March” that will be both a celebration of the origins and the current vitality of the francophone people in America.
“Ocean Roots” that will feature a string of local artists.
August 15th Celebrations. Acadian National Holiday-Greater Caraquet area
Preceded by a series of country-style meals at the wharf in Grande-Anse, the 2009 Grand Tintamarre will be a never-before-seen celebration for all of Acadie. This great show of community street art will be enriched by many artist to express their enormous pride in Acadie. To the sounds of banging on pots and musical instruments, people in eccentric makeup and colorful costumes will make their way to the “Tintamarre de feux” show. August 16-20: Space 2009 Pokemouche area-Acadie Invents
From August 16-20, the Pokemouche area will host a variety of festive and interactive activities that will take place in an exterior area transformed into a site for innovation, creation, and highlighting Acadie’s the can-do attitude. This physical and virtual village will have spaces dedicated to specific areas such as technology, science, economics, cuisine, arts and culture, to allow visitors to discover Acadian ingenuity in all its richness.
Closing Day: August 23- Tracadie-Sheila-Neguac areas -Acadie Gathers
Under the theme of youth, family and spirituality, closing day will begin in the Neguac area with an incredible summer carnival. The day will culminate with the 2009 World Acadian Congress’ grand finale closing stage show in Tracadie-Sheila. As a message sent out to the world, a call for human solidarity and peace, the “Voice of the World” stage show will be a moving voyage to the heart of the Acadian soul.
FAMILY REUNIONS CMA 2009: There are presently 21 different family reunions that are approved by CMA and scheduled with date and location. Listed are some of the reunions that local family members would be interested in. For a complete list go to These are of local interest: Martin.Richard.Thibodeau. Robichaud, Babineau/Granger, Dugas, Chiasson, Maillet, Landry, Breau, Bourgeois, and Theriault.
1. Babineaux et Granger: La Reunion des Babineaux et Granger was held on Saturday August, 11,2007 at La Cart Restaurant in the Oil Center. They had a great turnout and meeting.
2. Guedry-Labine & Petitpas: They had a mini-reunion and all day activities at Acadian Village in Lafayette on Saturday October 13,2007.
3. Broussard: The Broussard Beausoleil Family Association will hold a meeting and reunion on Saturday November 10,2007 at the Maurice Woodman of the World on La. 92. A meal will be served.
4. Trahan: The Trahan Family Association will hold a meeting and mini-reunion on Saturday December 1,2007 at the Maurice WOW located on Hwy 92. A meal will be served for a nominal fee. The Trahan meeting starts at 10:00 following the CAFA meeting.
5. CAFA MEETING: Held in conjunction with the Trahan meeting at WOW on Saturday December 1,2007 and starting at 9:00 am. All representatives of Acadian family associations are encouraged to attend.
ACADIAN MEMORIAL NEWS: The Acadian Memorial Foundation invites everyone to attend the 2nd annual L’Ordre Du Bon Temps Gala on November 10, 2007 from 6:00 to 10:00 pm at Petroleum Club Lafayette. For more information contact Shirley Thibodeaux-LeBlanc at [email protected] or go to Their spring festival is scheduled for March 15, 2008 at the Memorial in St. Martinville and everyone is invited.
REMINDER: CAFA meeting on December 1, 2007 at WOW in Maurice starting at 9:00 am. Those attending the CAFA meeting that wish to stay (or the meal at noon please RSVP to Rav Trahan at [email protected] or ca1l 337-856-1620.
Contact information: Ernest Ray Trahan-President 230 Gumbo Rd., Lafayette 70506

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