CMA Appointments

February 2006

Robert Frenette is appointed executive director of the CMA 2009.

January 2006

Appointment of the executive director of the 2009 World Acadian Congress


(Shippagan – January 25, 2006) – Mr. Jean-Guy Rioux, president of the Organizing Committee of the 2009 World Acadian Congress, is pleased to announce the appointment of Robert Frenette as executive director of the 2009 World Acadian Congress. Mr. Frenette is originally from Robertville and was until recently manager of RDEE – Employability and Economic Development Network – for the Conseil économique du Nouveau-Brunswick.
The president declared “Mr. Frenette has been over the years an active player in the organization of several important events, including the 1994 World Acadian Congress, and we are very proud to have him join our team.”
Mr. Frenette will start is new position on February 6th. Jacques CF Lanteigne was filling the position on an interim basis and will return to his position as administrative director of the CMA 2009.
Members of the Organizing Committee of the CMA 2009 will receive in the next few weeks the final report on the public consultations held last fall. The president commented that these consultations were a true success with over 400 participants and 300 individual suggestions being made.
A public meeting will be held in February to unveil the major themes of the Congress, its dates and major objectives.
Under the aegis of the Société nationale de l’Acadie, the World Acadian Congress continues the tradition of the national conventions that has marked the development of Acadia since 1861. The 2009 edition will be the 4th of its kind since 1994 (southeast of New Brunswick), 1999 (Louisiana) and 2004 (Nova Scotia). These large gatherings of the Acadian society are a testimony of the people’s vitality installed in Canada since 1604.
For more information:
Jacques CF Lanteigne
Interim executive director
(506) 336-2009 / [email protected]