Création M.R.: Acadie display CMA’s Colors during the Summer of 2009

April 3, 2008

Création M.R. will help Acadie display the Congrès mondial acadien’s colors during the summer of 2009

By Carol Doucet

It won’t take all the cousins and visitors long to realize they are in a celebrating area when they get to the Péninsule acadienne in August of 2009. Création M.R. won the Congrès’ bid to be the official supplier of all the event’s merchandising and they plan on helping the community show their colors.

The hundred or so small and large localities involved will be decorated in the Acadian colors for the summer of 2009. With the collaboration of the Congrès mondial acadien team, the merchandise manufacturer will make sure that all the locals can get the best products to decorate their homes and towns. They will also have lots of souvenirs in stock for the visitors can take back home to remember the biggest event ever organized in this region of Northeast New Brunswick.

Based in Tracadie-Sheila on Péninsule acadienne, Création M.R. has been specializing in Acadian souvenirs, clothes, and other promotional items as well as commercial signage since 1995. The company’s team can now produce all sorts of material on-site in their facility in Tracadie. This technology lets them create and print almost anything from small embroidery on a jacket to huge road signs. These new sewing machines and printers are really impressive!

Création M.R. also owns a dozen mobile boutiques that can be brought anywhere they like. Who hasn’t noticed a mobile Boutique acadienne in an event in the Maritimes? They are everywhere! Surprisingly, Création M.R. can even print personalized products in a matter of seconds directly in the mobile boutiques. This means that they don’t have to mass-produce items that might not be a popular sell. This process is mostly used for personalized items featuring family names or crests.

At the last Congrès mondial acadien in 2004 in Nova Scotia, the Acadian company was the official supplier and distributor of promotional items for the event and actually had mobile boutiques at 61 of the 68 family reunions.

Création M.R. was also the exclusive supplier for the 1999 Sommet de la Francophonie in Moncton and Dieppe, the 400th anniversary of Acadie in 2004, the Jeux de l’Acadie in 2006 and numerous others. Some might remember that the company received a lot of attention from the press at the Sommet in 1999 when they presented then French President, Jacques Chirac, with a t-shirt featuring his family name.

The year 2000 marked the beginning of a new era for the company because they were now able to sell items online from their new website. This service increased their potential market and made it easier for Acadians all over the world to easily and quickly get products that showcased their cultural identity.

Création MR has 5 trademarks registered with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office. Today, these symbols are recognized as representative of Acadian culture.

More information on Création M.R. can be found on their website at All information on the Congrès mondial acadien is available