May 28, 2008 By Carol Doucet

May 28, 2088:

By Carol Doucet

The 2009 Congrès mondial acadien, being held in the Acadian Peninsula August 7 to 23, 2009 has decided that a major goal will be to communicate well with all of its audiences in order to be sure that everyone involved is as informed as possible.

Already since January 2008, many newspapers and websites publish this weekly column that features different aspects of the 2009 CMA. We estimate over 150,000 readers have access to the weekly news column thanks to numerous papers and portals that graciously publish it. This number doesn’t even take into account the email version that is sent here and there across the world. As you can read, the column is translated to English for our Cajun cousins and other English speaking people interested in Acadie. The column is also published on the CMA website.

Talking about the website, this is the place to find the most updated information on the organization of the Congrès. In perpetual construction, the site will be overhauled in the next few months so that we can present the detailed program and better demonstrate the diverse components of the event that is now less than 15 months away. The site is also the best place to keep an eye out for the development s on the registered families (62 today) or even to find out how to organize your own family party. A new youth section has also recently been created and you can use it to find information on the events planned specifically for young Acadians during the CMA. Another section dedicated to the picture and theme song contest is also online. In the works is a section on Business Route and soon there will be a list of the hundred businesses already registered for the Route event.

Presentations all over the place

Always in the hope of getting the information out there, CMA employees, consultants and board members are constantly visiting tourism shows and events with the 2009 CMA booth and information brochures. There, they meet people from everywhere that are interested in getting more information and details. The directors of the event are also frequently invited to present the event at conferences, AGMs, lectures, congresses, etc.

Sign-up for the CMA newsletter

Soon the CMA will be publishing a newsletter that will go out to all those that have signed up. This will be another way of ensuring that all those interested are “in the know” about the biggest event of the summer of ’09.

This newsletter will be the best, most up-to-date and accurate source of information available for CMA-goers. To sign up, visit the CMA website at and enter the required information in the Connexion section located on the top of the home page.

Those interested in further details on the Congrès mondial acadien are also invited to call 506.336.2009 or 1.866.370.2009, send an email to[email protected] or to visit the website at