World Acadian Congress: General Objectives

March 2006

The Organizing Committee of the 2009 World Acadian Congress announces the general objectives and the dates of the CMA 2009


(Shippagan – March 7, 2006) – Mr. Jean-Guy Rioux, president of the Organizing Committee, is pleased to announce the dates of the CMA 2009 and its main objectives. “We wanted to consult the population, to hear its point of view about the Congress, its ideas and expectations” said the president. “Almost 400 people showed up and gave us more than 300 suggestions.”
Two general orientations for the CMA 2009:
– The Congress shall be a unifying event, inclusive and geared toward creativity and innovation.
– In collaboration with the local population, the CMA 2009 shall present Acadia open to the world, proud of its origins and its history, with an important place for all forms of cultural and artistic expressions.

The main guiding posts for the CMA 2009 are:
– The 4th World Acadian Congress will be held from Friday August 7th, to Sunday August 23rd, 2009 (a total of 17 days).
– The 2009 event, combined with a “pre” and “post” event activities will contribute to making the summer of 2009 “The summer of the Acadian Peninsula”.
– The CMA 2009 will present four major events in partnership with local organizations:
– Opening day in the Lamèque-Shippagan-Miscou region.
– National Day celebrations in the Greater Caraquet area.
– Closing day in the Tracadie-Sheila and Neguac region.
– A “Central activities park”, located in Pokemouche, in the geographical centre of the Peninsula.

The main goals of the CMA 2009:
– The communities and organizations of the Peninsula must be partners with the Organizing Committee, in the preparation of the CMA 2009.
– The CMA 2009 wishes to showcase the maritime scenery and potential of the Acadian Peninsula.
– The themes and format of the conferences must be constructive and forward-looking.
– The family reunions must be friendly and inclusive.
– The CMA 2009 will welcome the Sommet des femmes en Acadie 2009.
– The Organizing Committee, in partnerships with youth organizations, will seek to encourage a large participation by young people, both as participants and organizers.
– The Organizing Committee will welcome activities of neighbouring regions who want to contribute and participate in the CMA 2009.
– The CMA 2009 is an excellent occasion to continue efforts aimed at bringing closer the Acadian and native communities.

The Organizing Committee wishes to recognize the financial contribution of the federal and provincial governments to the successful completion of this public consultation process.

Under the aegis of the Société nationale de l’Acadie, the World Acadian Congress continues the tradition of the national conventions that has marked the development of Acadia since 1861. The 2009 edition will be the 4th of its kind since 1994 (southeast of New Brunswick), 1999 (Louisiana) and 2004 (Nova Scotia). These large gatherings of the Acadian society are a testimony of the people’s vitality installed in Canada since 1604.
For more information:
Robert Frenette
Executive director
(506) 336-2009 / [email protected]