Timeline: CMA 2009

October 2005

Public consultations are launched in the Acadian Peninsula, in preparation of the CMA 2009.

September 2005

Unveiling of the CMA 2009 logo.

August 2005

Normand Thériault quits as executive director and is replaced on an interim basis by Jacques C.F. Lanteigne, recently appointed as administrative director.

May 2005

The CMA 2009 opens its head office at the Shippagan campus of the University of Moncton.

July 2004

First meeting of the COCMA 2009.

June 2004

Jean-Guy Rioux accepts the presidency of the Organizing Committee of the 2009 World Acadian Congress (Comité organisateur du Congrès mondial acadien 2009 = COCMA 2009).

March 2004

Normand Thériault is appointed executive director of the CMA 2009.

February 2004

Meeting of the Board of Directors of the SNA in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. The selection committee makes its recommendation, which is accepted.

The Acadian Peninsula is chosen as the site of the 2009 World Acadian Congress.

At the announcement, there is a leap of joy in the Acadian Peninsula where many local supporters have gathered at a local bar to hear the decision live on CBC radio.

Paul Marcel Albert is the sole representative from the Acadian Peninsula present in Halifax for the announcement, and he had to face a severe winter storm to be present.

January 2004

The Government of New Brunswick announces that a grant of $one million over five year will be awarded to the 2009 Organizing Committee, should the Acadian Peninsula’s proposal be retained as the winning bid.

October 2003

The selection committee must choose between four applications received:

Poitiers and Nantes region in France

Quebec City

Evangeline region in Prince Edward Island

Acadian Peninsula

September 2003

The Acadian Peninsula Mayors’ Forum withdraws from the race.

Paul Marcel Albert of the Acadian Festival in Caraquet calls for a meeting of interested persons in the Acadian Peninsula.

A working group is formed to prepare an application based on the guidelines established by the Société nationale de l’Acadie.

A grant of $ 50,000 is received from the Acadian Peninsula Development Fund and the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency, for the elaboration of a proposal.

Nearly 100 letters are received in support of the Peninsula’s proposal.

Deadline to file the application is September 30th 2003.

The Acadian Peninsula proposal, complete with a promotion video, is submitted to the SNA for evaluation by a committee of representatives from Newfoundland, Nova Scotia and Louisiana.

June 2003

Meeting of the Société nationale de l’Acadie (SNA = National Acadian Society) in Petit-Rocher. It is announced that “indication of interest” proposals will be received by the Society for the organization of the 4th World Acadian Congress.

The Acadian Peninsula Mayors’ Forum announces its intention to submit a proposal.