Leaders of the CMA 2014

8 August 2012

From left to right : Jason Parent, Emilien Nadeau and Léo-Paul Charest

ST. DAVID – Leaders of the CMA 2014 were at the Acadian Cross Landing Site in St. David Wednesday for the announcement of 28 new families that will take part in the 2014 World Acadian Congress family reunions. To date, a total of 89 families have registered, and 48 of these families are from Maine, according to CMA 2014 Maine coordinator Lorraine Pelletier-Marston. From left, above, are Maine International President Jason Parent, along with Émilien Nadeau, president of the 2014 World Acadian Congress’ Organizing Committee, and Leo-Paul Charest, executive director for CMA 2014.

The 28 newest families and reunion locations are Alard (reunion location not yet noted); Bélanger (Fort Kent); Beaupré (Grand Isle); Blanchette (Eagle Lake); Bouchard (Fort Kent); Boudreault (Notre-Dame-sur-le-Lac, Qué.); Beaulieu (Portage Lake); Bourgeois (Edmundston, N.B.); Carrier (Grand Isle); Chevarie/Chavarie/Cheverie (Madawaska); Côté (Grand Isle); Corbin (Grand Isle); Cormier (Edmundston); Doucette (Grand Isle); Dubé (Saint-Juste-du-Lac, Qué.); Geudry/Labine/Petitpas (Van Buren); Gendreau (Grand Isle); Hachez (Témicouata-sur-le-Lac, Qué.); Lajoie (Cyr Plantation); Lavertu (Lavertu Settlement); Lavoie (Saint-Louis-du-Ha-Ha, Qué.); Léger/Légère/Trahan (St-Jacques and/or Edmundston, N.B.); Lejeune (Témicouata, Qué.); Lizotte (Grand Isle); Morrow (Grand Isle); Pellerin (Saint-Eusèbe, Qué.); Querry/Turcotte (Saint-Quentin, N.B.); and Therrien (Riviére-Verte, N.B.).

The Congress will take place from Aug. 8 to Aug. 24, 2014 throughout Maine, New Brunswick, and Témicouata region of Quebec.

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