The Acadian Land and Forest Celebrate

April 1, 2010

The show “The Acadian Land and Forest Celebrate” who promoted the 2014 World Acadian Congress:

Nearly 4000 students from schools in the north-western New Brunswick are invited to learn the celebrations of the 5th World Acadian Congress taking place in the international region of Acadia Land and Forests in 2014.

Through Week Provincial French Pride (SPFF) and through a partnership between the committee to promote the Acadian land and forests, the organizing committee of the CMA 2014 and School District 3, the performing troupe cultural “Acadia of Lands and Forests Day” was produced in two ‘polyvalentes’ and has attracted students from 13 schools.

“The turnout was excellent. And a very cultural show performed by youth, for youth, to promote Acadian culture”, said committee chair to promote the Acadian land and forests, Hugh Chiasson.

The project initiative to present the show during the week ‘Provincial French Pride’ by the artist Étienne Deschênes who is no stranger to the coming of 2014 in the CMA region. In addition, Mr. Deschenes is closely linked to SPFF, being the co-author and performer of the theme song from the annual event, “C’est un amour”, to which another Madawaska artist, Albert Belzile, contributed.

Based on the feedback received from teachers, students and school district employees, the tour was a great success, “said Chiasson.

“Let’s just say that, there was great Acadian talent on the stage, at the same time. Jason Guerrette, Vanessa Lynn Chiasson, Frederick Deschenes-Cyr and Isabelle Pelletier, to name a few, leave no one indifferent to this group of fifteen young people who make a nice synergy during the past nine years,” said the chairman.

The objective of the project is to educate young people to CMA 2014 and will proceed in three steps. “Even if the event is only in four years”, said Mr. Chiasson, ” we need to immedately start promoting it so that it becomes a success.”

Next year, the company plans to organize events during the year for students in schools of Temiscouata, Quebec. In 2012, it will be the turn of students of the State of Maine.

Here are the schools where students took part in various performances of the show of Acadia Land and Forests: École Saint-Jacques, St Joseph School, Polivalente Cité des Jeunes A.-M.-Sormany Edmundston, Notre-Dame in Edmundston, Ernest-Lang School, St. Francis Regional School in Green River, Regional School St. Basile, St. Anne-de-Madawaska School, Sacred Heart School in Grand Falls, Saint-Andre’s Mary Immaculate School, Mgr. Lang School Drummond and Polivalente Thomas Albert in Grand Falls.