CMA 2014 Theme Song Competition

May 8, 2012

Edmundston (NB) – The invitation is now open to any and all songwriters to prove their talent by providing an original song that could become the CMA 2014’s theme song.

In order to highlight the vitality and pioneer spirit of the CMA 2014, the song must reflect the positive vision of Acadia within our world-wide community, a modern and global vision of an Acadia ready to embark in the third millennium.

The song will also need to focus on the pillars of the CMA 2014 that are, pride, youth, new technologies, sustainable development and inclusion while resonating the Acadia of the world with all its diversity and affluence.

“It will be a song able to rally all Acadians and provide them an opportunity to have their voices heard and at the same time offer the entire world a vibrant image of the existing Acadia and a vision of tomorrow’s Acadia. It will be a song to celebrate the Acadia of the World!”, according to the President of the CMA 2014, Mr. Emilien Nadeau.

The theme song of the CMA 2014 will be heard at all promotional events of the CMA during the period leading to the CMA 2014 and during the Congress’ events in August 2014. Moreover, the song will constitute a production number during one of the major events of the Congress. It will also be broadcasted in all the radio stations when launched in the fall of 2012.

Any interested party must submit their demo tape before August 31st, 2012. The competition criteria are posted on the CMA 2014’s website ( ). The winner will receive a prize of 2500 $.

The proposed demo tape will be submitted to a jury of professional in that field for evaluation. The cultural spokesperson of the CMA, Roch Voisine will oversee the jury.