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2014 WAC organizers unveil preliminary program and announce first partners
Written by CMA – WAC 2014. Posted in Press releases

June 30, 2011

Edmundston, NEW BRUNSWICK – The organizing committee of the 2014 World Acadian Congress today announced the preliminary program of events for the fifth Congress and the many partnerships that have been forged to date between the international organizing committee and businesses, government entities and organizations.

In the presence of the regional committees and representatives of the participating governments of the three regions of Acadia of the Lands and Forests (New Brunswick-Maine-Témiscouata), the international chairman of the WAC, Emilien Nadeau, accompanied by members of his team and staff, also presented the organizational and operational structure for the event to be held from August 8 through 24, 2014.

The kickoff of the organization of family reunions, which is central to the attraction of a large number of visitors, was unveiled on June 7 in Maine. The aim is to have 120 families reunite. Entry forms are already being received.

The preliminary program of activities for the Congress in 2014 provides a good overview of the event calendar as it will develop in the coming months and years. The organizing committee unveiled its first list of activities in preparation for the 2014 Congress.

• Pre-Congress Activities

• Activities organized by the CMA and parallel activities up to 2014

• Major events:

• Opening ceremonies, August 8, 2014 (NB)

• Acadian National Day, August 15, 2014 (ME)

• Closing Ceremonies August 24, 2014 (QC)

• Family reunions

• Goal of 120 families

• Community programming

• Goal of one activity in each community

• Heritage and outdoor activities

• Regional Projects

• Local projects

• The international showcase
• The Large Youth Rally
• The Women’s Summit
• Forums /Conferences / Roundtables
– 2014 WAC legacy and future component
– (UMCE, University of Maine at Fort Kent, UQAR)
– Economic component
– (Entreprise Mad., Vic., Rest., SADC Témis, NMDC)
– International cooperation component
– (CND, US, NB, QC, and ME)
– Local government component
– (AFMNB, MRC and Maine)
– Sports and leisure component
– (Senior games, golf tournaments, etc.).
– Agriculture and forestry component
– And others

• Theme days (inclusive)

– Acadia of the Lands and Forests day
– Acadia Atlantic day
– Louisiana and Cajuns day
– Francophonie Canadian day

– Francophonie International day

– France day
– Maine day
– New Brunswick day
– Quebec day
– Scouts and girl guides day
– Children’s day
– And other theme days

• And many other events

Given the international nature of the event, partnerships are crucial to the success of the project. Supported by a growing team, the executive director of the 2014 WAC, Léo-Paul Charest, has entered into numerous partnerships throughout the international region in recent months. This list will grow over the coming months with the development of a major sponsorship program.

Here is the list of partners to date: (In alphabetical order)

· Centre local de développement du Témiscouata

· Centre local d’emploi de Cabano

· Édifice Maillet incorporé

· Forum des maires et les municipalités du nord ouest du Nouveau-Brunswick

· Fromagerie Le Détour

· Gauvin Family

· Gouvernement du Canada, Ministère du Patrimoine Canadien / Government of Canada, Canadian Heritage

· Government of the State of Maine

· Gouvernement du Nouveau-Brunswick / Government of New-Brunswick

· Gouvernement du Québec

· J.P. Martin and Sons Construction

· L’association des scouts des provinces atlantiques

· Maine Acadian Heritage Council and the municipalities of the St-John Valley

· Municipalité régional de comté et les municipalités du Témiscouata

· Norstate Federal Credit Union

· Northern Maine Development Commission

· Société nationale de l’Acadie

· Spectacle «L’Acadie des terres et forêts en fête»

· Town of Madawaska

· Université de Moncton, Campus d’Edmundston

· University of Maine at Fort Kent

During the press conference, the executive committee of the World Acadian Congress paid tribute to the individual who initiated the international effort to attract the Congress to the region, the artist Etienne Deschênes; and to the first president of the organization, Jean-Paul Savoie.

The president, monsieur Nadeau, concluded with these words: «The organizers are very satisfied with the work accomplished during the past year, and according to comments from former organizers of Acadian Congresses, we think we are on target and on schedule».

Contact Information

•Hugues Chiasson, responsible of communications, WAC 2014; 506-739-7640 [email protected]

•Émilien Nadeau, president WAC; 418-853-3844-home; 418-868-5822 -cell; [email protected]

•Léo-Paul Charest, Executive director, 506-737-3938 cell; 506 737-5432-office; [email protected]

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