‘A Cajun Journey’ by C. Marshall Turner

A Cajun Journey is a fictitious novel is set in 1950’s south Louisiana. It chronicles the struggles of a young cajun family who must escape from an abusive husband/father. Readers are introduced to Josephine, a young cajun mother and wife, who chooses escape over continued agony. Taking only three of her children, she charts a path straight through perilous swamp-lands. As water soon restricts their ability to continue their journey, they are rescued by a mysterious stranger.
Get your copy today to learn how Josephine, and her children, find happiness in the swamps of Louisiana. This is a story of love, courage, and perseverance. Visit: cmarshallturner.com for more details or to order your own signed copy. Outside US orders are available through Amazon, Barnes&Noble, Books-a-Million as well.
A review by Becky Cyr
A Cajun Journey, is a well written and easy book to devour. The characters are complex, interesting, and relatable. The author authentically captures the nuances of the Cajun culture and paints an emotional story. I found the moment when Josephine decided she must leave her other children behind in order to save the younger ones to be particularly moving. Well done!