Volume Two; Nova Scotia & Prince Edward Island: A Description by William Gerrior

NS & PEI Acadian Awakenings (vol 11)  book originally sold for $39.95   (this book is  completely sold out but I can still obtain copies by a process called print on demand where the printer will print one book or two etc  at a time  but of course,  because of the low volume printing,  the cost is $10.00 higher. This book is available via this pod.  process at the price of $49.95 (875 pages).  This very large book describes history and genealogy of Gerrior, Girroir, Gerrior, Gerroir, Girouard descendants of Francois Girouard and Jeanne Aucoin in Nova Scotia after the first Deportation year of 1755 to present day in Nova Scotia.