By Marielle A. Bourgeois

The articles contained in this CD-ROM have been published in Genealogy and History Magazines, by Marielle A. Bourgeois, M.A..C.F.A. a professional genealogist and a writer, who has been awarded prizes as a thorough researcher and an entertaining writer. Marielle is a direct descendant of the first surgeon who came to the New World, from La Rochelle to Acadia, (Jacob) Jacques Bourgeois. He married Jeanne Trahan in Port Royal.

The articles are presented with superb color illustrations. Some of them show paintings of the Deportation of the Acadians, found in Acadia (today Nova Scotia). The articles “Who are the Acadians?” and “A New Life in the Louisiana Wilderness – the Cajuns” are primarily historical in nature with some genealogy information of Acadian families. The articles “Brick Walls” and “A Search for Canadian Roots” are mostly genealogical in content combined with a profound touch of history. The last two articles address the important question of Acadian name changes when the deportees, or descendants of the deportees, came to the areas later known as the United States.

The movements of the Acadians before, during, and after the Deportation are covered in depth and over sixty Acadian names are mentioned. An added bonus to many people is that the articles in the CD-ROM are written in English and in French, allowing many individuals to improve their second language. A CD-ROM sells for $25.00 US, mailing cost to US included. Add $2.00 US for mailing to Canada or $3.00 US to other countries. Special rate for orders of 4 copies. Money order or check only.

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Marielle A. Bourgeois has been published in Everton’s Family History Magazine; Heritage Quest Magazine; Family Tree Magazine; The Genealogist, Je me Souviens; L’Ancêtre, the Global Gazette electronic site; and Le Bourgeois newsletter from New Brunswick, Canada. In addition, she was chosen the Personality of the Month by the editor of Généalogistes Sans Frontières, a genealogy and history electronic site.