The Acadian Miracle



by M. M. Le Blanc (from original book by Dudley J. Le Blanc)

THE ACADIAN MIRACLE, 50th ANNIVERSARY EDITION by award-winning author M. M. Le Blanc, revising and enhancing the original 1966 book by her grandfather, renowned Acadian historian Louisiana Senator Dudley J. Le Blanc. The incredible history of the Acadian Deportation and Exile by the British from Nova Scotia, including research of over 50 years from documents in the USA, Canada, France, Spain and England by Dudley J. Le Blanc. This 50th Anniversary Edition contains original artwork, rare vintage photographs, additional and complete source endnotes, new charts and tables of Grand Pré Acadian prisoners, ship departures and arrivals of Acadians in the Colonies, deported Acadian passenger lists, Acadians who fought in the Revolutionary War, and much more. NEW CHARTS & TABLES, MORE SOURCES, COMPLETE ENDNOTES. Much more information than in Dudley J. Le Blanc’s original 1966 book. 392 pages. Hardcover. Published by BizEntine Press.

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Review by Becky Cyr:

I am not Acadian by birth, in fact my heritage is English. My family ancestry has been in Canada for as long as my Acadian in-laws, and although my ancestors stayed primarily in Ontario, I can’t help think of how our histories may have crossed in the formation of our wonderful country, Canada.  As I read “The Acadian Miracle, 50th Anniversary Addition” Revised by M.M. LeBlanc, I was astounded by how little I was taught of this part of Canadian History.  I do remember learning about Acadians, but it was through a very English lens. I was moved to tears upon reading the name of my husbands’ 9-times great-grandfather, Pierre Sire and of the persistent political tug-of-war that tore Acadia apart time and time again. “The Acadian Miracle” is an important book for anyone wanting to visualize life as an Acadian.