On the Eighth Day

On the Eighth Day
Antonine Maillet
Translated by Wayne Grady
0-86492-454-2 / $19.99 CDN / $16.99 US pb

In ‘On the Eighth Day’, Antonine Maillet imagines a wider and more exuberant world created by God on the eighth day, “the day when everything is dared and anything is possible.” She spins a tale of two brothers – a giant carved from an oak tree and a scamp shaped out of bread dough – who set off to seek their fortunes. As they wend their way through unforgettable lands – the Timeless Village, the Upside-Down Town, the Path of the Vicious Circle – they make many strange friends.

Antonine Maillet is one of Canada’s best-known writers. The soul of contemporary Acadian literature, Maillet has been responsible for generating pride in her people through her stories depicting strong-willed Acadians. She was the first non-French citizen to win the Prix Goncourt.

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