Jean Haché & Hélène Boudreau Book, by “Gaby” Burke-Vienneau


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This most interesting book contains:

  • The 368 pages is made up of seven chapters. The first section shows a beautiful overview of life in Acadia before, during, and after the Expulsion.
  • The second part presents the history of our ancestor Michel Haché-Gallant, including his descendants.
  • Many interesting personal stories, including that of Isaïe Haché and his descendants make up the third unit. The fourth slice is designed for my English readers.
  • Genealogy, being the most important, is the longest division listing 2,030 persons having 290 different family names.
  • An interesting index, indicating the names of the numerous persons, along with some pertinent information make up the sixth part.
  • The 47 pages of chapter six contain 350 precious photos (370 in the whole book)!
  • An extensive bibliography concludes the volume.

From our common ancestor, Michel Haché-Gallant, down to the last, there are thirteen generations, and, counting Pierre Larché, from France, adds up to fourteen beautiful generations.

This book is available for $35.00 Canadian, plus shipping.

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Author, Gabrielle “Gaby” Burke-Vienneau

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