Publications on the Genealogy of the Acadian Families of Prince Edward Island

Historian-genealogist Mr. Jean Bernard has published the first two books of his seven volumes series Genealogy of the Acadian Families of Prince Edward Island, c. 1764 – c. 1900. These books are the result of extensive research in parish registers and government census, followed by rigorous analysis of all the data collected.

Author Jean Bernard, a former colleague of well-known Acadian genealogist Stephen White, has based his publications on Mr. White’s impressive methods in the Acadian genealogy field.

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Volume I: ARSENAULT, a 750 page book, contains genealogical data on the numerous ARSENAULT families of Prince Edward Island from the common ancestor, Pierre Arsenault, up to the late 1890s.

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Volume II: A-B, a book of 488 pages, includes the Acadian families of Prince Edward Island whose surnames begin with the letter A (except Arsenault) and the letter B. The main families found in this book are AUCOIN (WEDGE), BARRIAULT, BERNARD, BLACQUIÈRE, BLANCHARD, BOURQUE (BURKE), and BUOTE, as well as several others.

Although mainly in French, the books include English translations of all key words and of all abbreviations and also have a section in English titled “The Key to Interpreting this Book”. Volume I: ARSENAULT also includes a brief history in English of the first Island Arsenault families. All this makes the books user-friendly and accessible to English speaking researchers. So far the author has received only favorable comments from English speaking individuals who have reported that they find the book quite easy to understand.

Mr. Bernard’s first two books, Volume I: ARSENAULT and Volume II: A – B, of his seven volumes series Genealogy of the Acadian Families of Prince Edward Island, c. 1764 – c. 1900, are indeed monumental works of Acadian genealogy for the benefit of all researchers. These well researched and documented books are a valuable resource for researchers digging for their Acadian roots from Prince Edward Island or for anyone interested in learning more about our common Acadian ancestors and their numerous descendants.

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The cost of Volume I: ARSENAULT is $50. and the cost of Volume II: A – B is $40., plus shipping and handling. Anyone interested in ordering these volumes can email Jean Bernard at [email protected]

In your email to Jean Bernard, you should indicate your postal code if you live in Canada, or the State (if you live in the USA), so that Mr. Bernard can let you know the shipping costs.


Picture if you will a huge book which would include the Genealogies of every Acadian family found on Prince Edward Island in the late 18th and 19th centuries – it is a beautiful idea! The reality of going from comprehensive data entry on every Acadian surname of PEI into a multi-volume published series of books presents a great challenge. Mr. Jean Bernard has set out to publish such a series of books.

Originally from Bouctouche, N.B., historian-genealogist Jean Bernard now calls Prince Edward Island his home. After receiving his Bachelor of Arts with an honours degree in history from Université de Moncton, he worked there with a number of authorities in Acadian studies, including famed genealogist Stephen White. He also worked at the Acadian Research Centre of Prince Edward Island, in Miscouche, 2003-2007, creating a unique Island Acadian genealogical database. Mr. Bernard is now in the process of producing the seven volumes series Genealogy of the Acadian Families of Prince Edward Island, c. 1764 – c. 1900. The first volume dealing with the Arsenaults, a 750 page book, and the second volume dealing with Acadian surnames A – B (except Arsenaults), a 488 page book, have been published respectively in August 2009 and August 2010.

In recognition of his tremendous accomplishments and dedication, Mr. Jean Bernard has been awarded the prestigious 2011 Mary Cornfoot Breheaut Award for outstanding contribution to genealogy and family histories of Prince Edward Island presented by Museum and Heritage of P.E.I., as well as a 2011 Heritage Activity Award by the City of Summerside, and the Prix Gilbert-Buote 2010 for the publication of Volume I – ARSENAULT.