“The Acadian – Return of the Dagger” By Phillip Daigle

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Synopsis from back cover:

What did it take to be a hero in the New World?

It’s 1661 in Eastern Canada where a handful of French Colonists hang on to a piece of paradise called Acadia. Deep in the woods, an orphaned 18 year old enters a man’s world in a remote logging camp where he witnesses an atrocity that changes the course of his life. A Port Royal businessman plays a dangerous game of both sides against the middle while he tries to save his beloved homeland. A Mi’kmaw warlord raises an army to challenge the English and avenge the massacre of his clan. A Catholic priest, has his faith turned inside out through his relationship with a Mi’kmaw healer and shaman, who must recover an ancient obsidian dagger that cuts through the curtain to the spirit world.

The Brilliantly researched and rendered historical setting creates a unique slice of time and place full of significance. The action is fast moving and the characters rich and nuance and emotion.

About the Author:

Phillip Daigle holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from North Carolina State University. A native of Fort Kent, Maine, he now lives in Laguna Beach, California. Phil is a retired sales and marketing business-owner interested in writing, Acadian History, his heritage, and books.