“Tintamarre” By Bryan Lloyd French



The Terror and Triumph
of an Acadian Family
A shout of defiance that must be heard!


In 1750 the road to Quebec leads through a small Acadian settlement called Tintamarre. The English order a final solution.

From the author of “Mojito!” comes the epic story of an Acadian family caught in the middle of the war for Canada…

Mathilde and Acquila Girouard are raising their family in a pastoral paradise. Then the English come.

Mati and ‘Quila are at the mercy of the English Empire, pushed around by pestilent priests and pursued by violent rangers that keep count of their victims with scalps.

When Mati and the children are captured by the English to be sent far away from home, all appears to be lost. Then Acquila and the Acadian resistance hatch a plot to rescue them from under the nose of the entire English army.