d’Iberville’s Canadian recruits at Boloxi from the roll of 25 Aug 1699.

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This is a list of d’Iberville’s Canadian recruits at Boloxi from the roll of 25 Aug 1699. About two-thirds of the list is of the same persons on the 1697 list of engagees. Notable additions to the list are the Talon brothers, survivors of the La Salle massacre of 1687. The list has been published in several places. The original list is in the Archives du Port de Rochefort, France. To find out more about a person or family, click on the link at their name.

Francois Amel
Pierre Allain
Louis Baudoin
Antoine Beausse dit Marene
Clement Begon
Mathieu Bellefonds
Charles Berrichon
Hoseph Bonhomme
Guillaume Brassard
Sebastien Charpentier
Jacques Chauvin
Joseph Chauvin
Joseph Chesnier, died
Paul Du Chiron
Francois Clavery
Pierre Couillard dit Lafontaine
Maurice Crepant
Antoine Dalmas
Gilbert Dardenne
Denis Dubois
Antoine Duclos, deserted
Jean L. Eveille
Francois Faux
Claude Francoeur
Alexis Francois
Joseph Gaulin
Jacques La Brie
Estienne La Chambre
Jean Migneron
Philippes Minet
Charles La Motte
Ignace Lapointe
Joseph La Pointe
Charles La Roze
Louis Larrive jeune
Pierre Larrivee l’aisne
Francois Lasolaye
Nicholas La Toupine
Ignace Laval
Charles Le Vasseur
Charles Marquis
Leonnard Matte
Jean Pierre
Francois Poudrid
Joseph Ropitailler
Antoine Roussin
Andre Roy
Jean Talon
Pierre Talon
Pierre Venard