d’Iberville’s Canadian recruits of July 6, 1697

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This is a list of d’Iberville’s Canadian recruits of July 6, 1697. The list has been published in several places. The original list is in the Archives du Port de Rochefort, France. There are several persons with more info available. To find out more, click on the link at their name.

Aigron, CharlesFrancoeur, CharlesLavigne
Allain, PierreFrancois, AlexisLaviolette (soldat)
Aussour, JeanGaudefroyLe Garcon
Ayet, Jean FrançoisGaulinLemoine, Louis
Beau SoleilGautier, JeanLe Piemontois
BellefonGeofroy, JeanLespine, Simon
BelleriveGuion, AngeLeveillé
Bonne VolontéGros JeanMarot
BourbonnièreHamel, FrançoisMartin, Pierre
Brière, Philippe deJoyeuseMatte
BrossardL’Arrivé, PierreMinet
Carose, CharlesLa Brie, JacquesMontreuil
Charpentier, BastienLa Brière, JeanPierre, Jean
Caumon, MonsieurLa BoutelleriePoudrie
Chauvin, NicolasLa ChambrePrevost
Chauvin, JacquesLa CoceurRobataille, Joseph de
ChenieLa Fontaine, PierreRoussin, Anthoine
CourvilleLafontaine, (soldat)Roy, André
CourvilleLa Fortune, (soldat)Sans Cartier
Crepeau, MauriceLa JeunesseSans Chagrin
CoeurbienLamarcheSavage, Charles
Darbois, DenisLamarche, (canadien)St. Denis, Monsieur
D’Ardenne, GilbertLaplaineSt. Martin, (soldat)
DoreLapointe, Ignace (dit Simon)St. Michel
Ducheron, PaulLa Pointe, JosephSte. Marie
Duclos, AntoineLaraméeTrepanie, Claude
Dupre, (bombardeur)La TulipeTrepanie, Jean
Faux, FrançoisLavalTurpin, Jean-Baptiste
ForestierLavergneVillaire, Pierre