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3 October 1704, Fountainbleu
List of Girls and Families
Who Left from Paris and Rochefort for
Fort Louis in La Louisiane

Francoise Marianne de Boirenaud
Jean Catherine de Berenhard
Jeanne Elizabeth le Pinteux
Marie Noel du Mesnil
Gabrielle Savarit
Genvieve Burel
Jeanne Burel
Marguerite Burel
Marie Thereze Brochon
Angelique Drouin
Marie Briard
Marguerite Tavernier
Elizabeth Deshayes
Catherine Christophe
Catherine Toussaint (did not make the trip).
Marie Philipe
Louise Marguerite Housseau
Marie Madeline Ouanet
Marie Dufresne
Marguerite Guichard
Renee Guilbert
Louise Francoise Le Fevre – died of yellow fever on day of arrival.
Gabrielle Bonet
Marie Jeanne Marle, Conductrice

Etienne Burel
Marguerite Rousseau, wife of Burel
Louis Burel, son
Laurent Cloquinet, servant of Mme Moulois
Catherine Moulois, midwife
Henry Savarit, cousin of Gabrielle Savarit (Savary)