Before you go into the store, we have something we need to make clear. We offer our family tree Databases in two convenient formats, downloads and CDs. So, how do they differ?

Download – A download is a digital purchase of the family tree database. It includes complete GEDCOM files that are lineage-linked to all the members of a particular family tree. When you order the download, you get the download instantly. You need only follow the download instructions that come in an email attachment with your receipt email. You can access the instructions here.

CD – These CDs aren’t for music players. They are for computers. These are data CDs, also known back in the day as CD-ROMs.

When you purchase a CD copy of the family tree database, you will receive a CD which includes the same lineage-linked GEDCOM files included in the download, as well as, Acadian History, Culture, Music, Recipes, Coat of Arms Picture, and additional pictures loaded as PowerPoint. CD can take up to 4 weeks for shipping and the costs for shipping include the costs for materials, handling, packaging, and postage. We have differentiated costs for shipping based on where you live. Along with your CD, you will receive instructions as to how to install and use the CD.

Know what you are buying BEFORE placing your order. When placing an order you will see TWO options for each family:

Selecting this image will result in the purchase of the DOWNLOAD GEDCOM files
Selecting this image will result in the purchase the CD version of the GEDCOM files

All set?

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